TV Den Archive: January 2010

  • How To Report The News

    Absolutely spot-on spoof of how newscasters assemble a story, blowing up on the Internet. Enjoy. Published January 29 2010

  • Lost in the Shuffle?

    No way! Lost is back for its final season, and the hype machine is on full ... nice plug here on travel site Kayak! Published January 28 2010

  • Arlington, VA, fo-shizzle

    Friend turned me on to this, DC types should like: Arlington V-A: The Rap Published January 25 2010

  • Burned? Only if you miss Burn Notice

    The best show you still might not be watching is USA's Burn Notice, season premiere was last night. Published January 22 2010

  • Plot Target

    Fox's latest simplistic action fest is Human Target. It's based on a comic book, but lacks the complexity, intelligence and originality of a comic book. Published January 18 2010

  • Press Tour: Greatest. Perk. Ever.

    The twice-a-year Television Critics Association Press Tour is underway ... wanna know what it's like? Published January 16 2010

  • Hollywood, Out of Touch?

    Some complain Hollywood is out of touch with real America. Hmm, well, here's a sign: What's with paper grocery bags? When was the last time you saw a paper grocery bag in real life? Published January 14 2010

  • Bart Turns 20, Doh!

    Wow, Bart Simpson almost old enough to drink, there's a scary thought. Episode 450 this weekend marked the show's 20th year. See, quality programming lasts! Published January 10 2010

  • Dead Format Walking

    The talk is about Jay Leno, Conan O'Whatshisname and David Letterman. But, just maybe, this late show format is a dead format. Say, what's on the DVR? Published January 8 2010

  • Our Little Cheater?

    Not getting much attention is a story about new Fox "reality" game show "Our Little Genuis" where a smart kid gets the opportunity to win money for his parents, or disappoint them, except ... Published January 7 2010

  • How much is too much? Cost of Cable.

    The news is filled with cable/programmer squabbles. My cable bill went up again. When do people say enough? Published January 4 2010

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Lisa King

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