TV Den Archive: February 2010

  • Bad Cops Bad Cops, Whatcha Gonna Do?

    The Oracle (Hollywood Reporter) reports A&E has renewed "Steven Seagal: Lawman" ... But that's GOOD news! Published February 20 2010

  • Pilot Season!

    Let the madness begin! It's TV's pilot season, we get to see what lunacy is cooking up in Hollywood's hot stove! Published February 17 2010

  • Olympic TV?

    Call me a spoilsport, but seriously, the Winter Olympics as must-see TV? Why sure, I mean, I never miss "Monday Night Speedskating"! Published February 14 2010

  • Social Media vs. TV Networks?

    There's a Facebook push on to get Betty White on Saturday Night Live ... Remember her? From that show about roommates? I think it was Three's Company, right? Published February 13 2010

  • Oscars? Bah!

    The Oscars celebrate the "best" movies ... not the best storytelling. Of the 10 best picture nominees, four would have been far better as TV series. Hear me out ... Published February 3 2010

  • Lost!

    For TV fans, Tuesday is bigger than the Super Bowl, it's the return of Lost for the final season. What secrets await? A poke around the 'net. Published February 1 2010

Lisa King

Lisa King

I was born and educated in Southwest Virginia, traveled with my job all over America in my twenties and early thirties then came back to the mountains to raise my daughter.

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