TV Den Archive: November 2009

  • Be Thankful for TV!

    I mean, sure, it's Thanksgiving and a bunch of people will come over to your house and cook and stuff. But that doesn't mean you should turn off the TV! Published November 25 2009

  • Ominous Holiday Greetings

    Two ABC shows go on "hiatus" .... Usually not a good sign. Lots of trouble at the alphabet as another show finds double, double, toil and trouble ... Plus a fantastic ad parody video by a lobbying group! Published November 24 2009

  • Sweeps ... what sweeps?

    TV is better today than ever, but I do miss the excitement of "sweeps" back in the day ... Published November 17 2009

  • Who you callin' a loser?

    Man, we just can't get enough of "someone please fix me" TV .... NBC spins off Biggest Loser Published November 11 2009

  • Let's Get Ready To Jingle!!

    November sweeps may have just gotten underway (what, you didn't notice?) but it's already time to talk about TV Christmas specials! Published November 7 2009

  • Sykes!

    Wanda Sykes tries to save a genre that is dying a painful death right now: The Late Night Talk Show. Published November 6 2009

  • Save that Show!

    Community? Parks and Recreation? Modern Family? The new shows we all (okay "I") like, will they last? Published November 4 2009

  • Dance Your Brains Out

    Oops, too late. The plethora of mindless talent competition "shows" continues. ABC announces "Let's Dance." ... Let's not. Published November 4 2009

  • Well, 'Ello!

    Fifteen minutes can save you fifteen percent on world domination! ABC's new series, "V" Published November 4 2009

  • Video Made the Radio Star

    Remember finding new music on the radio? Not any more, turn on the TV and rock out! Published November 2 2009

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Lisa King

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