TV Den Archive: December 2009

  • Me-eh-ennnnnn! (Charlie Sheen in particular)

    The Sheenster, aka, Carlos Irwin Estevez (I did not know that) busted in Aspen, CO. Domestic battery at 11 a.m.? Dude, how early do you start drinking? Published December 25 2009

  • Family Wars? Star Guy ?

    Movies in Toto movie critic Christian Toto takes a whack at a TV show's version of a classic movie. What could possibly go wrong? Published December 24 2009

  • Game Changers

    It's the end of the 00s, or the Aughts, or the Google Decade ... Here are five, check that, SIX, things that changed TV forever, and for the better. Published December 22 2009

  • Food Fight

    Chase goes to Vegas, gets lousy service at the airport bar and almost picks a fight with Food Network star Guy Fieri. True story. Published December 21 2009

  • YouPay for YouTube!

    What, you thought YouTube was a public service? Like the Detox Center at the county hospital? No way buster, pay up! Published December 16 2009

  • Who's On First? Midseason Shakeup!

    I truly love how TV's traditional season has been turned on its head. New stuff on cable, network midseason shakeups, it's a blast. Here's what's coming out of Hollywood soon ... Published December 14 2009

  • Okay, Then Deserve This!

    Right, we've seen what happens when good people watch bad TV ... so here's 2009's good TV! Published December 12 2009

  • Getting What We Deserve?

    The year-end Nielsen numbers are out. Oops, we did it again. We (yes, it's all about our eyeballs) made a whole bunch of crap the top shows of 2009. Published December 11 2009

  • 3D or 3Zzzz

    It's a continuing push, TV futurists push "3D TV" at us like we actually want it ... Seriously? Would 3D make the new Jay Leno show any more interesting? Published December 9 2009

  • Men of a Certain Age ... is good.

    Don't look now, but TNT is catching that FX vibe, one of those "flyover channels" you used to ignore taking flight. Keep an eye on those channels you used to skip. Men of a Certain Age is one helluva show. Published December 8 2009

  • Pee Wee is Back!

    Yep, TV icon of the 1980s, Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) is back. He'll be on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday and is the star of an LA stage show running Jan. 12-Feb 7. Published December 6 2009

  • NBC/Comcast Merger

    Everyone's talking "big picture" about the proposed Comcast takeover of NBC. I'm thinking local .. as in local TV news. Published December 4 2009

  • Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

    Nothing says 'Tis the Season like the holiday commercial standbys ... Clapper? Check. Electric razor? Chia Head? Published December 3 2009

  • Scrub out ...

    Like or hate it, ABC's Scrubs just seems to live on forever. Isn't there some kind of living will out there so we can pull the plug? Published December 2 2009

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