Sequestration: No hope and no change

The candidate of hope and change falls short. Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, May 15, 2013 ― The media are reporting a rise in the number of flight delays, reportedly due to the dreaded sequestration.

Contrary to what you may hear in the mainstream media, sequestration, the automatic across-the-board federal budget cuts, are not cuts at all, but are instead reductions in the increase of government spending. The federal government will still spend more money this year, just not as much as it would without sequestration.

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Despite the increase in government spending, many politicians on the left are crying foul. They say that the government will not be able to function and that massive layoffs of government bureaucrats and closures of inefficient agencies are imminent. They also say that the spending cuts will soon be felt by everyone.       

To raise awareness to this non-existent crisis, many cabinet secretaries are taking a voluntary pay cut ― Secretaries Hagel, Kerry, Lew, and Napolitano to name a few. Secretary Hagel’s pay cut comes out to $10,750. Given his estimated net worth of somewhere between $2.3 million to $10.9 million, he won’t suffer.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters made the most ridiculous statement in the sequester debate, claiming that “over 170 million jobs could be lost” due to the sequester. There are only 134 million people working in the United States currently.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said in February that “as many as 40,000 teachers could lose their jobs … There are literally teachers now who are getting pink slips.” When asked where these layoffs were occurring, the Department of Education was unable to name a single school district. It was also noted that any pink slips being handed out at that point couldn’t be due to sequestration, which hadn’t happened yet.

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After the Boston Marathon Bombings, Congressman Steny Hoyer said that the bombings were a result of sequestration. Apparently nothing is off limits when it comes to the Left trying to make a point.

In the same vein, the growing number of airline delays are manufactured by the Obama Administration in order to let people feel the “effects” of the sequester. Senator Pat Toomey recently said that if sequestration is still in place for the rest of the year, “the FAA for this year will have more money to spend than what the president asked for in his budget submission.”

The federal government has more than doubled its size in the past decade. It is startling that some people believe that even the smallest spending cuts ― cuts in the growth of spending ― will have massive consequences. They ignore the fact that government wastes large amounts of money each year.

If politicians were truly concerned about keeping a particular agency in place, they would do one of two things: either make cuts in other government spending to fund the agency or reform the agency in order to make it more efficient.

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Instead, they give us theatrics.

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