Truth Be Told Archive: January 2012

  • Sackett vs. EPA and private property rights

    The EPA is testing the Supreme Court’s and American’s nerve to defend the rights of due process and private property. John Adams argued, “Property must be secured or liberty cannot exist.” Published January 20 2012

  • From Ron Paul to Mitt Romney, are any serious about limited government

    Americans long for a leader who can state clearly the real political questions of the day and believes in the principles that made this country strong and unique. One principle that would unite 80 percent of Americans is limited government. The country will never regain strength without a return to this most basic premise. Published January 9 2012

Carla Garrison

Carla Garrison

Carla writes about current issues and events with an aim toward telling the truth, using the writings of great thinkers, dead and living, as well as common sense.

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