2 reasons the Washington establishment fears Ted Cruz

Career politicians in both parties want to maintain the status quo, and all of Cruz's actions are designed to fight against just that. Photo: AP

HOUSTON, September 27, 2013  The Washington establishment has always viciously attacked principled conservatives, but Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, may be the most universally vilified constitutional conservative in recent memory. The constant attacks from career politicians in both parties that have been levied upon Cruz recently can mainly be attributed to one thing: fear.

The ruling class, the people with power and prestige in Washington, live with only one goal in mind: to keep the cushy, prestigious, jobs that many have turned into careers.

There are two very valid reasons for career politicians in both parties to fear that Ted Cruz may shake up Washington and put their jobs at risk: First, he is a fearless, formidable, constitutional conservative with stellar credentials who will not sit down and shut up at the behest of Sen. Harry Reid and President Obama.

Second, Cruz’s entire strategy depends on engaging the American people and making sure that we hold our elected officials accountable. Congress has depended for too long on a lethargic, uninformed public. Many elected officials benefit from the fact that many people see little difference between the parties anymore, and that so few believe it matters which party controls the federal government. Cruz is out to change that. 

Ted Cruz is a capable, formidable and fearless constitutional conservative:

Cruz has a daunting list of credentials that cannot be lightly dismissed. He memorized the constitution at age 13, and was the valedictorian of his high school class. He was the national debate champion his senior year at Princeton, from which he graduated with high honors.

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Cruz was the first Hispanic editor of the Harvard Law Review, went to the semi-finals of the 1995 world debate championships, and graduated with honors from Harvard Law. Cruz was the first Hispanic intern to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and argued numerous critical cases in front of the Supreme Court as the solicitor general of Texas.

There was a moment very close to the end of Cruz’s 21-hour marathon speech in opposition to Obamacare this past Wednesday morning that is a perfect metaphor for why the ruling class in Washington is so very scared of him. Somewhere around hour 20, Sen. Dick Durbin, an influential, esteemed Democrat in the Senate leadership, asked Cruz a detailed, multi-part question on Obamacare that any other senator would have had difficulty with on a regular day. Cruz, according to the New York Post, “crushed him (Durbin) like a bug” with his response.

Shortly thereafter, Senate Majority Leader Reid, ordered Cruz to give up the floor, effectively ending his speech. As Majority Leader, Reid has that right.

The concern from the ruling class is evident: The more Cruz talks, the more people listen. If Cruz were a bumbling fool, as many pundits and politicians have insinuated, Reid and the Democrats would’ve gladly let him talk until he couldn’t stand anymore, as Cruz had vowed to do. After Durbin got “crushed” however, the Democrats decided it was too dangerous to allow him to continue talking, even after holding the Senate floor for over 21 hours.

Cruz so deeply believes in the constitutional principles that made this country great that he never uses cards or a teleprompter when he speaks. He, unlike Mitt Romney and John McCain, can articulate conservative principles in a manner that no one since President Reagan could, and this frightens Democrats to their core. They know Big Government was not a viable political position for almost 25 years after Reagan left office, and they cannot allow that to happen again.  

Ted Cruz wants all members of Congress to be held truly accountable, and will help the American people to make that happen:

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Cruz has repeatedly said that “liberty is never safer than when politicians are terrified.” He believes that the absolute best way to terrify American politicians is for the American people to be informed and to hold their politicians accountable.

The Washington elite thrive off of a disengaged and uninformed public. Cruz’s entire strategy depends on the opposite: engaging the public to the degree that we are the driving force behind action in Washington and that a light is shined on all of the shady, previously unaccountable, backroom deals.

For most every major policy debate since he joined the Senate, Cruz has either set up or promoted online petitions which he has used as barometers for gauging the strength of public support for certain constitutional positions.

For example, DontFundIt.com, the website set up by Cruz, Utah’s Sen. Mike Lee, and the Senate Conservatives Fund to promote defunding Obamacare, garnered over 1.6 million online “signatures” before Cruz’s marathon speech. Additionally, the site lists every Senate Republican, their phone numbers, and whether they have pledged to defund Obamacare. It encourages everyone to call their senator if he or she has not pledged to support an effort to defund Obamacare. Some senate Republicans have received thousands of phone calls from angry constituents demanding that they help defund Obamacare. 

Cruz constantly states that the fights he picks, like stopping Obama’s attacks on the Second Amendment, or defunding Obamacare, would be lost if the same tired Washington politics applied. However, when the people get involved and hold their representatives accountable, normal Washington politics no longer apply.

Cruz has said that any vote to fund Obamacare will be seen by the American people as vote in favor of Obamacare. This position has angered many Republicans who would prefer to pass a bill funding the government the way that Obama has demanded — with no new spending cuts and complete funding for Obamacare — while still maintaining the position with their constituents that they oppose Obamacare and are doing anything and everything to fight against it.

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The ruling class must stop Ted Cruz and will go to any lengths to do so. The attacks will not cease, and will only get louder and more vicious. Cruz will not back down, as he loves this country and truly believes that the Constitution holds all the answers and that the federal government must act in strict compliance with it at all times. The difference between him and Republicans who only parrot the same line is now very apparent: He will act to defend those principles, alone if necessary.

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