Leaked UN climate change report shows science not very settled

The report released every six years recognizes many mistakes in the glorified 2007 report Photo: The IPCC logo

HOUSTON, September 20 - On June 25, 2013 President Obama, speaking at Georgetown University, derided those who denied the certainty of man-made climate change by saying, “we don’t have time for a meeting of the flat earth society.” He went on to say that “the overwhelming judgment of science, of chemistry, of physics, and millions of measurements put to rest” questions about man-made climate change.

President Obama might be surprised when he gets ahold of the most recent report on climate change from the United Nations.

The United Nations puts out a report on climate change every six years which is taken as gospel by climate change alarmists the world over. Since the previous report was released in 2007, governments of almost every country in the industrialized world, including the Democrats in America, have used the conclusions of the 2007 report as justification to push for a job-killing climate tax. The conclusions in the 2013 report, which was recently leaked to the UK newspaper The Daily Mail, are not as sunny as Obama and other alarmists had probably hoped.

The IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) is the organization developed by the United Nations to investigate climate change and to report its findings on such in a very comprehensive report released every six years. A copy of the most recent report due out later this month contradicts many of the most influential claims made in the lauded 2007 report.

The new report admits that the world has stopped warming since 1997, a fact the previous report refused to acknowledge. The 2013 version also admitted that there was a period of time in the Middle Ages which was also as hot as it has been in recent decades. This is a critical fact that refutes the argument that warming is necessarily man-made, and was also denied in the 2007 report.

Climate change realists have always asserted that a period in the Middle Ages, before the industrial revolution, was at least as hot as it has been over the previous few decades. Some say that this fact is evidence that the warming in the 1990s, like the cooling in the 1950s and 1960s, is purely cyclical. Until now global warming activists have been able to avoid recognition of this fact by citing the 2007 IPCC report.

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The 2013 report goes on to state that over the last 15 years the world has only warmed at a quarter of the rate the previous report predicted. It continues to concede that the 2007 report placed too much emphasis on the effect of carbon dioxide on the warming, and did not consider natural variability strongly enough.

The 2007 report also predicted that Antarctic sea ice would be at the lowest level in history by now, and in reality the ice has grown to a new all-time high. It has increased by over 60% since 2007.

The 2007 report also states that hurricanes would continue increasing in number and severity. In fact, this previous year was one of the quietest seasons on record. Also, the United States is experiencing its longest period in the history of America without a category 3 storm or above making landfall- 8 years. The 2013 report is conspicuously silent regarding hurricanes.

Despite all of these conclusions, the 2013 report says that it is “extremely likely- 95% or more” that human activity was the cause of at least half of the warming that occurred from 1951-2001. This is up from “90%- or very likely”- that had been reported in the 2007 report.

The report cannot state why most all of its major conclusions were incorrect in 2007 nor can it state why it predicts with 95% certainty, that at least half of the warming that occurred from 1951-2001 was caused by man.

Essentially, the UN has decided to recognize the true “settled science” - that climate change is much less severe than previously suggested, and that cyclical weather patterns and natural variation, not man, could explain the warming of the past few decades and the cooling of the 1950s and 1960s. The UN did however give governments like Obama’s enough lee-way to continue with the false, apocalyptic argument that the world will crumble tomorrow unless huge, job killing taxes and regulations are implemented immediately.


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