Jeb Bush presents undeserving Hillary Clinton with Liberty Medal

Bush presented Clinton with the award the day before the anniversary of the Benghazi attack. Photo: AP

HOUSTON, September 13, 2013  - On Tuesday September 10, Jeb Bush, chairman of the board for the National Constitution Center and former governor of Florida, presented former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the group’s annual Liberty Medal. It is widely speculated that both Bush and Clinton will run for their party’s nomination for the presidency in 2016.

It is hard to understand why Gov. Bush would want to bolster Secretary Clinton’s credentials in such a way. Her actual lifetime accomplishments are so razor thin that an award celebrating her lifetime accomplisments presented by a likely Republican presidential candidate will drastically help her in this regard.

This decision becomes even more questionable on Bush’s part when considering the timing.

The day after the ceremony, 9/11/13, was the first anniversary of the attack on America’s consulate in Benghazi, which many believe could have been avoided had then-Secretary of State Clinton not bungled it so badly. There is still an open investigation regarding her State Department’s gross negligence that possibly led to the death of four Americans in Benghazi that night.

The National Constitution Center’s website has a long profile of Secretary Clinton which tries to provide some reasoning for the decision to give her this award. It is striking to note though, that there are very few, if any, actual accomplishments noted. Beyond all the beautifully worded generalities and platitudes, there are two very critical things missing from all of the flowery language about how much of an incredible person Mrs. Clinton is: specifics and truth.

The website states that Clinton is deserving of this prestigious award because of “her lifelong career in public service and for her ongoing advocacy for women and girls around the world.” The website also called her “one of America’s most dedicated public servants.”

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It goes on to heap praise on her work as Secretary of State noting that she “played a central role in restoring America’s standing in the world and strengthening its global leadership,” and that she “advocated for “smart power” in foreign policy, elevating diplomacy and development and repositioning them for the 21st century.”

It finally praises Clinton for “advocating for universal affordable, quality health care.”

It is apparent now that on the cusp of her stint as Secretary of State, America is experiencing the worst embarrassment on the world stage since President Carter allowed the Iranians to take our embassy hostage for 444 days in the late 1970s.

It is a laughable claim that Clinton “restore(d) America’s role in the world,” after considering the treatment America has received from Russia, Syria, and the rest of the international community in recent weeks. This newly seen defiance from old allies and foes alike definetely indicates that she did not “strengthen its (America’s) global leadership.”

In fact, following her stint as Secretary of State, it has been argued that America has never been more irrelevant and disrespected on the world stage.

Secretary Clinton’s tireless advocacy for the nationalization of the healthcare industry, one sixth of the American economy, will not be seen as much of an accomplishment after Obamacare wrecks the economy with skyrocketing healthcare costs and severely decreased quality of care.

There are not enough pages in the Bible to fully document why Hillary Clinton does not deserve an award celebrating a lifelong adherence to and lifting up of true constitutional principles. To give it to her on the day before the anniversary of the Benghazi attacks is sickening and a slap in the face to the family of those Americans who, it has been argued, lost their lives due to the incompetency of Clinton’s State Department.

She accomplished nothing of note while in the Senate and destroyed America’s reputation on the world stage as Secretary of State, yet a likely Republican candidate for President in 2016 has chosen to bolster her credibility in all of these areas with this award.

It is possible that Gov. Bush thinks this move will benefit him in his run for the Republican nomination for president in 2016, or maybe he truly believes Clinton is worthy of this award. Regardless, he has proven himself unworthy of leading this country by choosing Mrs. Clinton as the beneficiary of the National Constitution Center’s annual Liberty Medal.

By choosing her and personally presenting the award to her, it shows that Bush either does not understand or does not care that Clinton has done nothing but fight against true constitutional principles her entire public career, including “advocating for universal, affordable healthcare.” People who do not care for or understand true constitutional principles are unfit for the Presidency and this act should disqualify Bush for the 2016 Republican nomination for President.

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