Benghazi: A showcase of lies and Incompetence from Obama and Hillary

The Obama Administration's disgraceful actions regarding the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi must be exposed.	Photo: AP

HOUSTON, May 15, 2013 ― On September 11, 2012 the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya came under attack by a group of about 150 al-Qaeda linked terrorists. The attack lasted almost eight hours and ended with the death of Chris Stevens, our ambassador to Libya, and three other brave Americans.

The absolute incompetence and shameless dishonesty shown by the Obama administration, and Hillary Clinton’s State Department before, during, and after the attack will forever leave a black mark on American history.  

Before the Terrorist Attack:

Prior to the attack, Ambassador Stevens requested more security numerous times and his requests were repeatedly denied by the State Department.  

In fact, the State Department actually decreased security for Ambassador Stevens just months prior to his death. Instead of the typical Marine guard for Ambassadors, the State Department decided to hire a private Libyan security firm to protect Ambassador Stevens, and on the night of the attack, there was not one Marine guarding the consulate or Ambassador Stevens

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It is very rare not to have Marine guards protecting our consulates and Ambassadors. Our embassy in Egypt has 30. 

It was well known that Western interests had been repeatedly targeted in Benghazi leading up to September 11, 2012. In June of 2012, Britain pulled their ambassador out of Benghazi due to the second attempt on his life. In August the Red Cross withdrew because of numerous attacks on their facility. In June the American consulate in Benghazi was attacked for the second time in a matter of months, with an IED blowing a hole in the outer wall, “large enough for 40 men to get through.” 

Those Libyan “security guards” the State Department hired in lieu of Marine guards would later reveal Ambassador Stevens’ location to the terrorists, who would abduct, kill and drag Ambassador Stevens’ body around Benghazi for hours.

During the Attack:

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On the evening of the attack, Greg Hicks, the second highest ranking official in Libya after the ambassador, was in Tripoli, Libya when he received a phone call from Ambassador Stevens. Stevens told Hicks, “Greg, we are under attack.”

Hicks immediately gathered up the rapid response team of highly trained Marines in Tripoli and had them ready to go to Benghazi (about one hour away), when the team was twice told to “Stand down.” The team was said to have been “furious.” 

It is still uncertain who gave the order to stand down and why it was given. Realistically, though, only the Commander in Chief or the Secretary of Defense would make the decision to send American troops into a situation like Benghazi or to let the Ambassador and the others die. 

Tyrone Woods and Glenn Dougherty were ex-Navy Seals who were part of a CIA security team stationed about a mile away from the consulate at a CIA annex. When they heard gunshots, they requested permission to assist Ambassador Stevens. They were told to stand down. They ignored the orders and went to the consulate, and brought the body of Sean Smith, an American diplomat, and the rest of the survivors to the CIA annex. Ambassador Stevens’ body couldn’t be found.

When the terrorists followed them and began attacking the CIA annex, Dougherty and Woods fought off the attackers for over four hours, killing as many as sixty of them by themselves. Their repeated requests for backup were denied. They were murdered on the roof of the annex by mortar rounds. These men are national heroes and should never be forgotten.

President Obama was briefed about the attack, during his regularly scheduled briefing by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta at about 5pm Washington D.C. time. The meeting lasted 10-15 minutes, according to Panetta. The President was not heard from for the rest of the night. 

Presumably he went to sleep in order to prepare for his long day of fundraising in Las Vegas the following day.

Hillary Clinton was involved, and in fact, called Greg Hicks during the attacks. Hicks briefed her on what was going on and even informed her it was an attack, not a spontaneous protest.

Obama, Clinton and Panetta are complicit in the deaths of these Americans. No one ever requested that Americans be able to fly over and into Benghazi, which was a normal, daily request according to Hicks. No reinforcements were ever going to be sent. There were no plans to ever attempt to save Ambassador Stevens and the others.

The administration’s primary defense is that no troops could have arrived within seven or eight hours to help. There are three major issues with this claim.

First, this is another lie. In Tripoli there was a rapid response team that was told to stand down, twice. We also had troops in Italy and other nearby bases that, according to some military experts, could have made it before the attack was over.

The second issue is that terrorist attacks are not sporting events that have a start and end time. The last time an American Ambassador was killed, in 1979 under Jimmy Carter, the terrorists took hostages and the attack lasted months. There was no reason to believe this attack would be over when it was.

Finally, it is very ironic that the administration’s defense is that our military was totally unprepared to respond to a terrorist attack against Americans, in the most anti-American, volatile and violent part of the world, on the most iconic day for Islamic terrorists of the year. Our military has over 1.4 million active duty soldiers stationed around the world . If none of them can get to Libya within eight hours on Sept. 11, that is a shameless dereliction of duty by the Commander and Chief.  

After the Attack:

Following the attack, for over a month the administration lied to the American people repeatedly, claiming that this obvious terrorist attack was actually a “spontaneous protest” that erupted because of a 17 minute, homemade YouTube video that was posted months before the attack that was allegedly offensive to Islam.  There was never one shred of evidence for this claim. In fact, it was immediately well known by the administration that this was a terrorist attack.

Mr. Hicks testified that he was aware it was an attack, at the onset, and that he informed Secretary Clinton of such when they spoke on the night of the attack. Ambassador Stevens’ last words to Hicks were “Greg we are under attack.” Secretary of Defense Panetta testified that he immediately knew it was an attack. The CIA told the State Department it was an attack. The FBI interviewed survivors, including Hicks, who told them it was an attack. The Libyan President, the day after, said it was an attack.   

Additionally, the terrorists were very heavily armed with RPGs, mortar rounds, IEDs, AK-47s and other weapons of war. Generally, “spontaneous protesters” don’t carry rocket propelled grenade launchers in their purses.

Clinton and Obama both repeatedly blamed a YouTube video for spurring the “spontaneous protest.” Most notably, Clinton did so during her testimony to Congress on January 23, 2013, and Obama did so in a Sept. 25, 2012 speech in front of the United Nations.   

On September 16, 2012 Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, went on five Sunday shows and used talking points drafted by the CIA, State Deptartment and the White House that included the lie regarding the protest and the YouTube video.  

Hicks said of hearing Ambassador Rice’s lies: “I was stunned, my jaw dropped, and I was embarrassed.” 

On November 28, 2012, Jay Carney, white house press secretary, and mouthpiece for Obama, told the press in regards to Susan Rice’s talking points that there had only been a “single adjustment that was made.” We have since found out that there were actually twelve different versions of the “talking points.” They started out mostly true and ended up mostly false.

The reason that Obama put forth this blatant lie was to support his re-election campaign. His foreign policy was an absolute mess and he continuously said in speeches that “al-Qaeda was on the ropes.” If al-Qaeda was capable of killing a current United States ambassador, in a coordinated attack, that claim would evaporate and his failed foreign policy would be the center of attention. Obama could not allow that to happen less than two months before the election.

Ex-Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glenn Dougherty repeatedly requested backup during their four hour gun fight with 150 terrorists, and were repeatedly denied. At that point they knew that they were going to die, but kept fighting anyway. Their actions most definitely saved the lives of numerous American diplomats and civilians who were able to escape to Tripoli because of Woods’ and Dougherty’s heroism. These men embodied the true American spirit, and it is a shame that the country they lived and died for refused to support them in the hour they needed it most.

Benghazi represents one of the most appalling and dishonorable events in recent American history, not only because of the shameless lies, but because Americans were left to die in the midst of a terrorist attack in order to help bolster the political careers of incompetent and heartless politicians.

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