5 Foods for a Healthy Libido

Eating right has a direct impact on sexual health. Here are 5 foods you should be eating now to support sexual health. Photo: Dreamstime

WASHINGTON, April 18, 2013 - We’ve all heard reasons that choosing the right foods is important for your heart, brain and cellular health. But eating right also has a direct impact on sexual health. Here are 5 foods you should be eating now to support sexual health.

1. Kale

Kale is not only one of the trendiest ingredients on the grocery store shelves, it is a food filled with building blocks to sexual health. One cup of cooked kale offers not only 88% of the daily recommendation of vitamin C (which increases blood flow—essential for erection), it contains more than 300% of the daily value of vitamin A. This vitamin is powerful for women for its role in protecting the health of the vagina and urinary tract. Together, the antioxidants in A & C combine will, of course, help keep you looking and feeling your most youthful and sexy. Kale also contains manganese, magnesium and iron, all minerals important to maintaining sexual health.

2. Watermelon

Good news, summer lovers! This pretty in pink emblem of the calendar’s hottest months is a fat free snack great for overall health and offers special significance to sexual health. This super-juicy fruit is a good source of vitamin C and a fruit that is easily broken down and processed by your digestive system. In 2008 it was discovered that watermelon could be a perfect food for men’s sexual health. The fleshy, pink fruit contains a phytonutrient called citrulline, which is noted for its ability to boost nitric oxide and relax blood vessels. In concentrated doses, it could work as a replacement for erectile dysfunction medication.

3. Salmon

A lean source of protein, salmon is converted into energy more quickly than fatty meats. Its wealth of nutrients will help you stay leaner and more youthful. This Omega 3- rich fish is noted for supporting heart health, keeping your blood pumping and keeping certain other organs in shape for action.  The oily fish’s DHA/EPA also strengthens your visual and mental acuity. Sharpening the night vision, boosting the brain’s creativity… could it hurt?

4. Pomegranate

Thanks to recent, intense research on the health benefits of pomegranate juice, we know that this crimson fruit not only offers anti-aging benefits but supports sexual health. One study published in 2012 found that both men and women who drank daily glasses of the juice experienced a surge in testosterone production in just 2 weeks. (Side effects included improved mood and memory.) There are some indications that pomegranate may also improve fertility. 

5. Peanuts & Tree Nuts

Both peanuts (a legume) and tree nuts offer the body healthy fats. That’s right, not all fats are four letter words! Healthy fats are macronutrients and some vitamins require fats for proper delivery and absorption. Nuts also provide the body with the protein needed to sustain a long night of passion. Nuts offer the body vitamin E, magnesium and folate, all of which are essential for sexual hormone support.

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Amy Reiley

Amy Reiley is a food & wine writer, cookbook author, speaker and consultant recognized as a leading authority on aphrodisiac foods. She has a Master of Arts in Gastronomy awarded by France’s culinary temple, Le Cordon Bleu. It was during her time studying at Cordon Bleu, Amy rose to prominence for her work in culinary aphrodisiacs.

In 2006, Amy releases her first book, Fork Me, Spoon Me: the sensual cookbook. She is now the author of 4 cookbooks on the topic, including award-winning Romancing the Stove: the unabridged guide to aphrodisiac foods. Her expertise has landed her guest spots on The Today Show, CBS Early Show, NPR and the Playboy Channel to name a few.

Amy is also the editorial director of EatSomethingSexy, as well as an internationally published wine critic and columnist. 


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