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Smartphone apps help make life a little easier. Find out how the new app Likemind can help your business. Photo: Katie Elizabeth

HARRISBURG, Pa., August 12, 2013 — Since the introduction of the iPhone, apps have quickly become an essential part of our lives. As Apple likes to say “there’s an app for that” and indeed, it seems like there is an app for everything these days. There are so many apps out there that finding something of genuine usefulness can be difficult. This can be especially difficult when you are looking for a business app. Enter Likemind, an app that can help bring small groups of people together, and one that can also be used for businesses.

Likemind is an application for iOS devices - with an Android version coming soon - which relies on a simple premise. Essentially, Likemind re-creates that trusty old flyer that features phone numbers on tabs. Only this time around, things have gone digital. With Likemind, users can create a flyer with a specific purpose and only six tabs are available for people to contact the creator. There are a few benefits with limiting the amount of people that are able to connect with the creator. Here are some of them:

  • With limited availability comes exclusivity, which is always popular.
  • The smaller the group, the easier it is to connect with people.
  • A group of six is easier to manage than a group of sixty.
  • It’s easier to learn about a small group, than a larger group of people.

Likemind for research

Likemind was originally conceived as an app to bring together people with the same interests. So how can this be adapted for business? Well, for one thing it can be used as a great research tool. Entering an unknown market area can be scary and connecting with people that are familiar with the target market can be invaluable. Entering the technology sector is both lucrative and daunting, but through Likemind it’s possible to connect with a small group of very knowledgeable people.

Limiting the tabs and therefore slots to just six people is ingenious, and especially beneficial when using Likemind for business. Exclusivity on such a scale as this will encourage people to think about whether or not they really want to reply to a flyer. This creates a smaller, yet stronger pool of people than a larger selection would create.

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Likemind for selling and focus groups

Likemind can be used as a selling platform, too. Obviously, not in huge numbers, of course, but Likemind could be a great way to test a new product. That’s doubly true for one that’s unproven and perhaps not ready for widespread release just yet. For example, if Hermance, an industrial machine company, wanted to know professionals’ thoughts on their speed power feeder, they simply have to put up the flyer on Likemind to find those who would be willing to try the product for free.

Market research is important, but with a large selection of many applicants, rigid, highly specific questions must be asked. Likemind could help you connect to a small base of applicants, which permits flexible questioning. Instead of grabbing their attention for 30 seconds, users could have it for 30 minutes.

Often, connecting with Likemind-ed people is the best way to help an idea grow. Conversations are better in smaller groups, but not too small. Having six or so people around one table is the perfect way to flesh out an idea and see it reach its potential. There’s little to lose by employing this app, as Likemind is free. But there could also be much to gain.

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