Republicans hold the power in government shutdown

If a “government shutdown” occurs, it will be because of the petulance of President Obama, not a Republican stonewall. Photo: Ted Cruz (AP)

WASHINGTON, September 26, 2013 — Republicans in the Senate just don’t get it: Thanks to the House, they have the power.

President Obama and the Democrats, with their supporters and press, have somehow again turned the truth upside down. The truth is that if a “government shutdown” occurs, it will be because they, not the Republicans, refuse to negotiate, compromise, or even engage in discussion.

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It will be the petulance of President Obama that shuts down the government, not a Republican stonewall.

The message the Republicans need to get across is that far from “shutting down the government,” they have offered to continue it, with the only stipulation being that Obamacare won’t go forward on schedule. In case anyone has missed the last few months, Obamacare won’t go forward on schedule, anyway; and, contrary to what so many keep saying, it is not the law of the land.

Not the law of the land? No; it’s not the law for unions, or for big businesses, or for Congressional staffers, or for anyone the president decides shouldn’t be inconvenienced by it. Since the President has assumed the nonexistent power to slice and dice laws to his own tailoring, the “law” has no meaning. It isn’t being implemented as-passed — and as he signed it.

Since the president himself has, through his roughly 2000 set-asides, delays, carve-outs and exceptions already publicly recognized that the Affordable Health Care Act as-passed is unworkable, why should he and his supporters object to a universal stand-down?

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Regardless, the Senate, and especially the Republicans in that chamber, persist in hand-wringing. “If the government shuts down, they’ll blame us!”

Where the blame should go is on the president and the intransigent Democrats, who, with the House bill, already have everything they came for, with only one exception.

There seems also to be a fundamental misunderstanding of how our system works. The House holds the purse. The Senate can go along, offer suggestions, or try to convince the House to change; but the House authorizes spending.

After the Senate and House agree, the president can veto what they send him; but then, again, it’s his petulance and unwillingness to accept a delay that he, himself, has declared necessary, that’s in the way of “keeping the government running.”

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The House is Daddy, and Daddy says the kids can’t have just one toy that’s on their Christmas list. The toy won’t work, anyway; it’s already broken in the box; and the special batteries (the exchanges) aren’t included, and won’t be on the market for the foreseeable future. They couldn’t make their toy work, even if they got it.

But they want it, and they’ll hold their breath until it’s given to them. Call them spoiled. Call them tyrannical. Call them selfish, unrealistic, and immature. If the Senate keeps this up, call them passed out. Great – let’s get on with business.

The defeatist Tories so prevalent among Republican ranks should realize that this is a grand moment for them, back the House, and seize the day.

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