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WASHINGTON, November 11, 2013 — Take heart, Americans. It won’t be long before free – that’s right, free – health care will be available for all of us. It’s just not obvious, with the website’s problems and the total unavailability of truth from our rulers.

What are the various standard plans where I can enroll, and how much will they cost, and what do they offer? Well, so far, it’s been impossible to find out. Even if the perfect plan were somewhere behind the software wall, I’d never be able to find it, because of the effectiveness of that wall.

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The president has said that the phone number for the system works, and that allows another path to salvation. True, it works. The connection is made, all right; and if you wait long enough, you’ll reach a pleasant human. The problem is that the human won’t be able to tell you anything you couldn’t find on the site yourself, and the site doesn’t work for them, either. Don’t complain about how much money taxpayers are wasting, having and supporting all the telephone and human infrastructure; it’s job creation. Useless jobs, but a way to channel future borrowing immediately to those who have the will to suck it up. But I digress.

With penalties for living without Obamacare looming nearer, even as people are finding more and more obstacles and holes in the president’s universal tax scheme, I, like many other Americans, am weighing my options. The good news: not too deep in the program, but hidden by the language, there is free healthcare, as well as free food, free lodging, and even free personal security services.

The question is, “What can I do?” If I don’t sign up for something, I’ll be a criminal. Worse, I’ll be in trouble with the IRS, the world’s largest government-sponsored terrorist organization, where they have their own courts, procedures, precedents, judges, and their own capricious and inconsistent interpretations. The IRS can also do easily what real, legal courts cannot easily do: attach assets, empty bank accounts, and toss you in jail. And unlike under the old health system (or any other construction of business in the civilized world), where you can get ‘way too far behind and be forced into bankruptcy, the IRS never forgives. Bankruptcy doesn’t erase IRS debts; the IRS doesn’t need to negotiate; and the IRS can enforce its judgments by taking away your retirement savings and pensions. Ahhh, the IRS.

So, what options are there?

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I can’t understand which policy is right for me; and if I could, I couldn’t buy it. And I don’t have health insurance now; I’ve always paid my own healthcare bills, and I get better deals with providers, when they don’t have to deal with health insurance – and it’s a good bet that Obamacare won’t be any easier or more efficient than what’s been in place for decades.

The other thing in the way of my participation is my belief in the Constitution, and Chief Justice Roberts notwithstanding, this act is clearly unconstitutional. Am I to be forced to participate in, to support something that is antithetical to my rational, documented loyalties?

So, here’s my plan:

It’s short-term, but that’s all the timeframe America has left, with her $17 trillion debt, no plan to pay it back, locked up resources, smothering regulations, and no more ways to extract more wealth from a shrinking productive class.

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I’m not going to sign up for anything. I’m happy to pay doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals directly, for whatever health services that I’ll use; I’m not asking for a handout.

When the IRS says that I haven’t allowed for their new Obamatax in my tax return, I won’t deny it. I’m not going to pay for something I won’t use. (In fact, the way things are today, I’m not going to pay for something I can’t even buy!)

The next step will be a year or two of threatening letters, which I’ll either answer or ignore; but I won’t sign up. If the IRS persists and gets a judgment against me, there won’t be anything in my bank accounts (no change from today) and there won’t be anything in my pitiful little IRAs, already plundered by inflation and market manipulation. If they get a judgment against my house, they’ll literally have to come and take it away from me.

There’s an irony here: would they force death on their own, or on a citizen, to force that citizen to buy something to keep him healthy? If they are willing to kill me to make my healthcare affordable, what are they willing to do if I don’t buy something else they’re selling?

When they come to throw me out of my house, there will be violence and at least one death in that action; and if the death is not my own, I’ll do what I can to escape their prison (where at least I’ll have healthcare, eh?).

That’s how I’ll get free healthcare. What are your ideas? I’d really prefer an affordable solution, like the one I have now.

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