KERN: Obama's "Time Machine"

Readers were horrified when H.G. Wells exposed the Morlocks for eating the Eloi. It's a modern tale. Photo: DreamWorks

ANDERSON, Ind., June 30, 2013 ― There is a parallel universe here on Earth. It has principles, science, mathematics and logic that are unexplained by what normal Earthlings know, yet it functions within our society, noticed but causing little alarm.

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This parallel universe has beings in it that look like us and talk like we do, but whose activities and thought processes are totally alien to ours. They have two classes, based on their intellect and motivation, much as the Eloi and Morlocks in the H.G. Wells novel, The Time Machine.

There, both the predatory Morlocks and the exploited Eloi live under identical assumptions, assumptions that are alien and revolting to the modern Earth people who discover their civilization. Only when those modern ideas are planted into the Eloi consciousness do things change: the Morlocks are thrown off and defeated, and the Eloi look forward to a life of initial hardship ― and freedom.

So it is in the 21st Century United States, where a tenacious remnant of independent thought is beginning to creep into Eloi consciousness, triggered by the careless treachery of over-confident and increasingly arrogant Morlocks.

For a hundred years, beginning officially in 1913, the Morlock cult has cleverly and patiently set up the society in which American Eloi live. Through such diverse tricks as direct election of Senators and setting up a graduated income tax, through managing currency through a central bank, the Morlocks have put in place systems to trick the Eloi into fighting against each other, even as they are all headed to the butcher shop below ground, a few at a time. [Democrats won majorities in the House and Senate, and also took the White House in the elections of 1912.]

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Direct election of Senators seems, on its surface, to be a good, democratic thing to do. Why, after all, should petty state governments have the say in who sits in the Senate? But taking the decision away from state legislatures had a diabolical consequence: It made more and more issues subject to central-government control, reducing the ability of states to offer advantages to those who wished to live or do business differently from those of a different state. It led to greater homogenization, greater central control, and less voice for the people at a local level. It gave power, in other words, to people of one state who wished to govern people in another.

A graduated income tax, sold in 1913 as a way to lightly augment the federal treasury by taxing a tiny bit of the obscene wealth of the very wealthiest Americans, has become the primary funding mechanism of a Leviathan. Worse ― much worse ― it has led to a secretive organization that has governmental protection. The IRS is frequently and rightly called “the world’s largest government-sponsored terrorist organization,” as it conducts its underground business, picking which associations live or die, collecting untold data on the daily activities of U.S. citizens, confiscating wealth, destroying businesses, marriages, and lives. And all with the secrecy afforded a Mafia inner circle, and always above the law.

The Federal Reserve is a corporation that is also a mathematical impossibility, with the inevitable result of putting everyone and everything in its debt. Consider: Only the Fed can create U.S. currency. This it does, putting its currency out into the country at interest, always at a positive rate. When that interest comes due, the only thing acceptable to pay back the debt is Federal Reserve currency, and the only source of that is the Fed itself: Ultimately, the only way to pay back a debt to the Fed is to borrow the interest from the Fed. The result is that the Fed ultimately controls all wealth and all property. It’s not politics; it’s math.

Back to the Morlocks. It’s not that all the Morlocks are evil. Like present-day politicians, most were brought up thinking that the order was natural, that they were simply ordained to rule, to exploit, and to devour the Eloi.

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Many modern Morlocks, recognizing the slow intellect and lack of ambition of the Eloi, sincerely think that this order, in fact, is a boon to the Eloi, who lack the basic skills or motivation to survive on their own, and who would be living less-comfortable lives, were it not for the direction by the Morlock chieftains. In fact, the growing population and immigration of Eloi seems to confirm that. Still, the intent of the Morlocks does not alter the effect of their actions.

But the presence of good intentions (if this be the case) in even a majority of Morlocks does not exempt them from the consequences of their actions. The Morlock leadership certainly realizes this, and so they use their low-level operatives in Cincinnati and elsewhere to redouble their harassment, surveillance, and example-making of upstart Eloi. Occasionally, a compassionate, embarrassing, or too-obvious (but nearly always low-ranking) Morlock is made an example of, to placate other low-level Morlocks and perhaps disarm the dimly stirring Morlock press.

But Morlock leaders know that without constantly increasing suppression and control, the days of Morlock rule are finite in number. And as the ultimate parasites, Morlock leaders know that the model is unsustainable; eventually, as in all total tyrannies, some less-significant Morlocks, too, will need to be dropped into the stew.

The ultimate reckoning can be only postponed by increasingly-draconian measures, but top Morlocks know that they will be covered in their retirement, and the trouble wil fall into the laps of their progeny.

However, the longer the measures are practiced, and the more despicable they become, the greater will be the wrath of the Eloi, when they awaken and realize that their substance has been taken from them, and that all they need to do to change things is to eliminate, or at least to stop feeding the Morlocks.

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Tim Kern taught economics for fifteen years, and discovered that understanding life is easy; it’s recognizing reality that takes practice. He holds a music degree, and later earned an MBA in finance from Northwestern University. He has lived across the US, and now makes his home in Anderson, Indiana.

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