Obama’s gun control gang: Community activists, but bigger, deadlier

Obama's newest scheme aims to ruin arms makers. With mayors and department finance managers, he's destroying jobs and security in one shot. Photo: Associated Press

WASHINGTON, DC, January 28, 2013 — President Obama may know he doesn’t have the authority to directly destroy the gun industry in the US, but that’s not stopping him and his fellow community activists, some of whom are in high political positions.

Obama’s latest attack is a coordinated effort among the federal agencies he controls, plus his big-city mayors, and it is set up to treat legitimate American businesses as if they were proponents of apartheid.

Obama & Company are forcing “their” agencies to divest their holdings in firearms and ammunition manufacturers. Some, like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, are also using extortion against fund managers, banks, and others in their cities, to get a broader dis-investment. This requires no action by our elected officials – it’s all administrative, and it’s all wrong.

As Rahm said on Monday, he doesn’t want money to go to “those who profit from gun violence.” He doesn’t want any money to go to those who help millions of Americans protect themselves, either; he wants to strip them of their best tool of self-defense. If anyone still doubts that the Administration isn’t mounting a concerted attack on Americans’ rights, this should be enough to convince them.

But it won’t convince some people, because of all the “good” it will do. After all, if the good people can’t get guns or ammunition, won’t criminals also see their tools dry up? [Here it is important to think far, far down the road: In the event of a total governmental crackdown, all citizens – today’s good guys and bad guys – will be on the same “side,” fighting the tyrants.]

What can defend against such a coordinated and emotional campaign?

Reason. Why are these funds invested in the firearms industry? It’s not because financial managers are gun fans; they invest in gun manufacturers – or artichoke farms – because they are good investments. These firms provide what the managers consider the best return on their investment – or they wouldn’t invest in them.

So, Barack, Rahm, Antonio (Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles), and other fellow-travelers in state and municipal wheelhouses across the country are encouraging mal-investment. They’re asking or ordering their people to leave what is a good investment, and put money where it will be less-effective. They’re promoting poor investment, thus lowering overall wealth, a direct breach of their charge as responsible keepers of the peoples’ money: This is fiscal mis-management in the name of political correctness. Or perhaps it’s in the name of a more sinister agenda.

Down the road, if this dis-investment is “successful,” and gun-makers and ammo makers are driven out of business, thousands of Americans will lose their jobs and America will lose another industry. Americans, and America, will lose another means of self-protection (and that holds true, whether you believe that the Second Amendment protects individual rights or only those of “militias.”)

Fewer dollars of investment; retirements that will never happen; jobs that will never return; and most-importantly, rights that will never come back: Obama and his fellow tyrants aren’t going to let this “crisis” go to waste, no matter what the financial, strategic, or human costs.

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