KERN: How we can work around Obama

Obama's policies, secret orders, work-arounds, and diktats are destroying the America. We can survive this. Here's how. Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, December 18, 2013 — With the end of the filibuster and the Republican leadership afraid to do anything to address basic governing principles, most concede that President Obama has another two years to run full speed ahead. He is free to continue his program of socialization, borrowing, and destruction of capital and incentives.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

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Congress won’t consider impeachment; even if the House did, the Senate would not. No matter how egregious Obama’s breaks with the most basic laws of the land and his defiance of Supreme Court rulings, federal law enforcement under Eric Holder’s Justice Department will do nothing. Foreign powers, even though they have no respect for Obama, have enough respect for America and her military might to stay away.

The likelihood of an “American Spring” in the next few months is nil.

So, what can Americans do? The minority of Americans — the productive sector — pays for everything. They make things, invent things, design things, test things, and move things around. They provide, either through production, warehousing, or transportation, nearly everything Americans need. From water to food to medicine and health care to replacement car parts, the productive people produce and deliver everything. And these people are the ones who are being destroyed by regulation, restrained by bureaucracy, and taxed to their limits.

The productive people have unanticipated allies: the vast sea of college-age and recent graduates who are just now starting to understand the losing game which they are being forced to play. They are the patsies brought in to richen the pot for the professional politicians and their cronies in the finance industry. More unexpected allies are coming in from the traditional left. These people are concerned about the president’s domestic spying and data collection, secret orders, and blatant lies. They don’t trust him any more than do Russia, Israel, or the Emirates.

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Even so, what can the productive people, even with the acquiescence of the young adults, do? They are outnumbered at the polls, even if those young voters actually vote.

For guidance, look to France. Yes, France. A wise Frenchman told me on a recent visit, “You Americans think you are free. We are more free. Of course, we have more laws: ‘You cannot do this. You cannot do that.’ We have laws that say we cannot do anything. But we have so many laws … we just ignore them.”

That’s right: Just ignore them. Just ignore Obama. He’s probably lying anyway, or he’s uninformed, or he’s misinformed; his own actions, his own statements confirm this. This is a man without any concept of what he’s doing, who can’t trust his own advisors; he gets all his information from reading the papers. He said so. Of course, he may be lying about that, too, but how can we tell? At this point, does it matter? His confusion and backtracking have made him irrelevant and, if he were not such a menace, comical.

The only rational course of action we can take is to read the Constitution and stay within it; to remain faithful to sensible laws — no one thinks we should ignore traffic signals or Air Traffic Control, for instance — and to ignore the destructive, nonsensical bilge that comes out of Washington. Anyone with any sense knows that our rulers can’t possibly mean what their obviously rogue officials are trying to make us do. It’s our duty to ignore those ridiculous orders.

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When some bureaucrat makes a ridiculous proclamation or gives a stupid order, just smile, laugh, and continue doing what makes sense. It’s certain that the bureaucrat or administrator is confused or perhaps acting on a rogue order, issued by someone without authority. It has been so for five years, at least.

And if the president himself makes another nonsensical, counterproductive, or obviously unconstitutional proclamation, just remember that he has been deceived into it, that he doesn’t really mean it, and that he will change it in a few days, anyway.

Keep calm and carry on. The government will do whatever it thinks it must; we must do the same.

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Tim Kern taught economics for fifteen years, and discovered that understanding life is easy; it’s recognizing reality that takes practice. He holds a music degree, and later earned an MBA in finance from Northwestern University. He has lived across the US, and now makes his home in Anderson, Indiana.

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