Fluoride in water: Beware

Fluoride is toxic. Why do health officials want to put it into your water? Photo: Flourine

WASHINGTON, May 8, 2013 — You may be using fluoride-enhanced toothpaste as well as drinking water with fluoride added to it.

Teeth and Bad Thyroid 

Fluoride is an environmental waste product, and fluorine is the most highly reactive element in the entire periodic table. Read your toothpaste warning. It says “do not consume; if you do, call Poison Control immediately.” Why? Because fluoride is toxic. A dose of fluoride from five grams of sodium fluoride can kill and adult, and in lower doses it causes fluorosis, which weakens and deforms bones, causes dental discoloration, damages kidneys, and has been clearly correlated with cognitive damage (it drops your IQ).

In addition to being a poison, fluoride will displace iodine in your body and suppress the activity of your thyroid gland, and it does this at about one-fifth the lethal dose. So does chloride found in your water, and bromide in your hot tub. 

Periodic Table Review

Halogens form a single column of the periodic chart, column 17. The halogens are fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), iodine (I) and astatine (At). Astatine is an extremely rare radioactive element, but the other halogens are common in mineral forms, such as salts. They all require exactly one additional electron to fill their outer electron shells, and will easily strip those electrons from other elements, making them highly reactive. In their elemental form they are extremely dangerous in even small quantities, chlorine gas being used as a chemical warfare agent in World War I. Fluorine is the most reactive element in existence. It will bind with almost every other element except the noble gases. Next most reactive is chlorine. 

Fluoride and chloride, the ionized forms of fluorine and chlorine found in halide salts, will both displace iodine in your body’s metabolic pathways, as will bromide, especially if your iodine intake is low. In other words, they compete with iodine, which is essential to the production of thyroid hormones. When fluoride substitutes for iodide, it will cause a malfunction in thyroid hormone synthesis. 

Brief Thyroid Review

TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone, is sent from your pituitary gland to your thyroid gland to make thyroid hormones. Your thyroid produces two iodine-containing hormones: triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). 

Over 90 percent of your thyroid hormone output is T4, but this is inactive. You have to convert T4 into T3, the active hormone, and you do this in your liver, your gut, and your muscles if they are all functioning well. So if you’re going to ask your doctor to check your thyroid, you need to have TSH, T4 and T3 levels tested. (As a side note, that means you should ask for more blood chemistry markers to be checked to find out your health status, rather than just getting the tests that the insurance company will pay for.)

T4 gets its name because the molecule has four iodine atoms; T3 has three. When one iodine atom is removed from T4 in your liver or gut, the T4 becomes activated T3. But if you have fluoride, chloride and bromide in your system, they can aggressively attach to the thyroid hormone and displace iodine. You brush your teeth, have a drink of city water and go sit in your hot tub. Your poor thyroid hormones don’t have a chance. And these toxins are put into your system by “health” agencies that seem blithely unconcerned with the impact these elements can have on your health. 

Fluoride is not an essential element for human physiology. It should not be poured into city drinking water. It should be more tightly controlled, more than placing a warning to call the Poison Control Center on tubes of toothpaste. 

Adding fluoride to anything that is ingested by humans is bad science and very poor public health.

Dr Peter Lind practices metabolic and neurologic chiropractic in his wellness clinic in Salem, Oregon. USA. He is the author of 5 books on health, one novel, and hundreds of wellness articles. His clinical specialty is in physical, nutritional, and emotional stress. 


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Dr. Peter Lind has written five books about healthy lifestyle and specifically subjects such as food, diet, nutrition, exercise, and stress. He has written one thriller about agriculture genetic engineering that has been written into a screenplay. 

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