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If only we could get the government to pay for all our wrong health choices too Photo: Dr Peter Lind

WASHINGTON, DC, March 17, 2013 - Most children are possessed by the sugar demon - they might even get this evil spirit from you! The typical child is poisoned with sugar from 120-160 pounds every year by parents who feed their own sugar addiction to the tune of 140 pounds per year themselves. Even though they think they aren’t eating ‘sugar’, they’re eating it.

These proud parents proclaim that their children get three meals daily, low in fat, eat “natural” snacks, and drink the healthiest fruit drinks. 

Let’s look at these meals. Breakfast comes from a brightly colored, graphically designed box. It is a packaged cereal with a list of ingredients that is in reality, a death sentence. Ask these parents if they think eating packaged cookies would be a healthy breakfast for their children and they would clasp their mouths and cry out in shout that you should not even ask such an insane question: “Of course not!”

Yet the cereals their children eat have the same ingredients as packaged cookies, except that sugar is even higher in many case! But, most of the time there is a list of nasty additives as a bonus, thanks to the Good Foods Companies, the conscience of American family health. Feeding Americans breakfast every day.

For lunch, these parents are quite satisfied in allowing their disciplined child to choose from the school lunch menu. That lunch is, after all, designed by registered dietitians and is always health-building. It never seems to occur to the parents that nachos covered with melted artificial imitation American cheese does not constitute a quality meal; it doesn’t even resemble food. Would an animal eat this? 

If you looked over a menu of school lunches for a month you will find that most likely, that the absolute most nutritious meal for the whole month might be a hot dog, not because the hot dog is any good, there is nothing better. Bring back the nachos and “cheese” dish again, with it’s three flavors of sugar, and you actually have a minus meal – you have to add one good meal to make up for it because it is so detractive to their health. You may shutter that your child may have a white-coated liquid (or chocolate-flavored) or even a sugary soft drink to wash down this lunch but remember, these have been wisely chosen by dietitians and nutritious cooks. But this drink will become the beverage of choice for most students eating school lunches – and in reality it transforms any meal from merely damaging to instantly deadly. 

The evening meal in many households is not a whole lot different than the school lunch except the television might be on here, detracting from social interaction or a timely food fight (there might be an exception here). Many families will do quite well at dinner – serving at least a meat and a sizable amount of a colored vegetable. But even among the more nutrition-minded families (moms) there still tend to be damaging misconceptions. Common among even the most thoughtful parents is the propagandized and misguided notion that a low fat diet is ideal for their children.  What they really need to know is that a low protein, high carbohydrate diet is the last thing children need, considering the overwhelming percentage of carbohydrate and sugars already eaten hastily in their breakfast and lunch. These kids need saturated fat which is the only fat in cell membranes and the only kind of fat that is found in the nervous system. 

But this sugar demon is back, frequently showing up during the evening meal by the swallowing of another sugary drink even if it is a fruit drink nonetheless. Sometimes, in the interest of not over-eating, the family generally consumes rather skimpy portions of even the nutritious foods at dinner, which leads to the inevitable need for a late evening snack – invariably some other form of sugar – even though it is a “natural” sugar. But as most common there is dessert, a treat for a job well done –- getting through the day. No, sugar is a short term tasty stimulant, not a treat in any sense of the word.

Most American families repeat this scenario day after day and we wonder why we see more chronic degenerative diseases than ever before; why we have diabetes and obesity and asthma and allergies and…there must be a correlation. Is there a pill for this? How about a surgery to correct these harmful ways? Does insurance cover this?

Now if we could only get the government to pay for these meals along with the holy grail health care they promised…


Dr Peter Lind practices metabolic and neurologic chiropractic in his wellness clinic in Salem, Oregon. USA. He is the author of 3 books on health, one novel, and hundreds of wellness articles. His clinical specialty is in physical, nutritional, and emotional stress. 


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Dr. Peter Lind has written five books about healthy lifestyle and specifically subjects such as food, diet, nutrition, exercise, and stress. He has written one thriller about agriculture genetic engineering that has been written into a screenplay. 

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