ObamaCare: Unaffordable health care

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WASHINGTON, June 30, 2013 — As it stands now, Americans are mandated to purchase health care beginning in 2014.

“Mandated” means consumers do not have an option. If consumers elect not to purchase health care, the government will levy fines against them.

Next year, any American who is uninsured will have to pay $95, or 1 percent of your annual salary if you make more than $9,500 in the year. If you earn $50,000 you will pay a $500 penalty if you do not enroll in a health insurance plan.

Nothing like this has ever been mandated in the history of the U.S. The Affordable Health Care Act is a personal tax on living.

How one chooses health care, practices health care, the ideals, the levels of responsibility, the applications of health care are personal and private. 

If you chose to engage in healthy practices, do not have to see a doctor, do not take medications, do not set foot in a hospital, how is the Affordable Health Care Act affordable?

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Health insurance for a 20 year old will start at about $72 a month in Washington, D.C., and $117 a month in California, for minimal coverage. Add that to your rent, school loans, food, transportation, you are going to have a very tough time making ends meet.

If you make anything less than $86,000 in Washington, D.C., or less than $140,00 in California, your cheapest health insurance would cost you $864 a year in Washington and $1,400 in California. The 1 percent penalty on an $80,000 salary would be $800.

You are not done paying. You must pay a deductible before the insurance company begins paying your medical bills. This is a very smart business for insurance companies. Now the government will follow suit. The least expensive Washington plan has a $6,000 deductible. So, you are paying $800 a year plus up to $6,000 for medical services. How again is this affordable?

Isn’t health insurance all about guaranteeing payment for medical providers anyway? 

Young people are going to have a very tough challenge ahead of them. Add to this the increasing childhood diabetes, obesity, learning and behavior problems, autism rates, and other chronic degenerative diseases and America is in for a real health and financial problem in a few short years.

Just how do you get young people to get excited about Obama’s health insurance program? Government grants. Let’s spend taxpayer dollars to promote this type of socialistic insurance to young people and then get them to foot the bill.

The Los Angeles school system reportedly plans to use a state grant to promote ObamaCare, to teach students to become “messengers” for the law. This is just one of $37 million in state grants announced in May by Covered California, the state’s health insurance exchange. Of that, $990,000 was awarded to The Los Angeles Unified School District. One objective of the grant: “teens trained to be messengers to family members” to educating the adults they know about ObamaCare.

They are going to pay kids to promote this thing. They don’t know about it, don’t have it, and soon will not be able to afford it.

According to Oliver Wyman, a consulting firm, more than 11 million 20 year olds don’t have health insurance now, and the age group’s uninsured rate is about twice that of the overall under-65 population. They are going to pay for a service that, most likely, they do not need but will go to help support the growing health needs of older people. “Their participation in 2014 will be the key to the success of this law in order to balance out costs for older, less healthy consumers,” says Carrie McClean, director of customer care for eHealthInsurance, an online insurance broker. 

This is just the beginning. What about insurance rate hikes? Is there a possibility that insurance rates will go up?

The governmental involvement and intrusion in the delicate lives of people will continue. The Affordable Health Care Act, like every other government program, will not be affordable. Not one government program hasn’t mushroomed out of control and soon run out of money. 

People, especially young people, will not be able to afford it. The government will not be able to afford it. Worse, this program will allow politicians, lobbyists, corporations, insurance companies, and governmental agencies a wide door into your life. 

ObamaCare does not sound American, but again, no one really knows how this will all play out.


Dr Peter Lind practices metabolic and neurologic chiropractic in his wellness clinic in Salem, Oregon. USA. He is the author of 3 books on health, one novel, and hundreds of wellness articles. His clinical specialty is in physical, nutritional, and emotional stress. 

For more health tips go to http://www.wellnessreport.netHis subscription newsletters are available at The Alternative Daily 

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Dr. Peter Lind has written five books about healthy lifestyle and specifically subjects such as food, diet, nutrition, exercise, and stress. He has written one thriller about agriculture genetic engineering that has been written into a screenplay. 

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