Is obesity a disease?

Because obesity is now named a disease, obesity rates will only increase. Photo: wikicommons

WASHINGTON, June 19, 2013 — Obesity is the result of many systems and functions gone awry in the body. Why is this called a disease?

The problem of obesity is like many other health problems we see today, and most of them are newly on the scene. Obesity, autism, ADHD, the severity of mental problems, and many health problems were not seen in the proportions that they were 30 or 40 years ago. This points to a complete failure of our current health systems, food industry, and government regulations.

There is very little money in prevention of health problems. So now we have another “disease” that we are going to spend millions of dollars on without any real change. What disease has really improved since it became a named disease?

In terms of obesity, there are only three real approaches to addressing this issue. 

#1 Dietary intake. Today there are more fractured foods than in the history of our society. We have hydrogenated oils that affect the cellular membranes in every tissue of the body in the form of oxidative free radicals. We have high fructose corn syrup and other manufactured sugars that significantly raise sugar and insulin levels; they are poisons. Sodas, fruit drinks, energy drinks, carbohydrate intake, all will but guarantee the storage of fat in the body. The lack of a good healthy diet is sorely missing in most people today. The art of growing, planning, and preparing food is rare. Food, good or bad, is far more available then it was years ago. Now you don’t have to think too hard about where your next meal is coming from. 

#2 Movement and Exercise. The human body is designed for movement. Physical activity has significantly decreased in this country. Most people do not have a planned or effective exercise routine. Did you know that if you go on a 15 minute walk soon after eating, your blood sugar will stay significantly lower then if you didn’t? Did you know that anaerobic exercise, whether it is cardiovascular or muscle building, will significantly reduce your blood sugar and allow a higher rate of fat metabolism? Today we are developing an entirely new generation who knows how to interact with an electronic device and chooses to watch hours of video but rarely takes a walk, plays at recess if they have recess, is involved in a sport event, rides a bicycle or even has a bicycle.

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#3 Mental and Emotional Health. Most behaviors are learned. Eating is behavioral. Exercise is behavioral. Behaviors come from thoughts and beliefs that are forged in the mind. The health of a person begins with the beliefs and thoughts a person has. For some people, obesity and even gaining weight is not an option. It’s not even a thought. They will do whatever it takes to guard their health. For some people, gaining weight is a possibility. An extra serving here, another sugar drink there, another missed opportunity to exercise, another negative thought about themselves. Here you have the recipe for advancing obesity.

Vaccines, prescription drugs, gastric bypass surgery and the like will never go to the root of the problem with obesity. Never.

But now we are going to manage obesity just like we are managing all the other diseases. Managing, not healing.

Almost three out of four people are overweight and most of these are pushing obesity limits. Basal metabolic rates are increasing. Insulin resistance is advancing. Diabetes is epidemic. But these will all become “standard” in our new paradigm of obesity.

With the acceptance of obesity as a disease, our obesity rates will continue to climb and no effective measures will be taken. Just like all our other 21st century diseases. Shame.


Dr Peter Lind practices metabolic and neurologic chiropractic in his wellness clinic in Salem, Oregon. USA. He is the author of 3 books on health, one novel, and hundreds of wellness articles. His clinical specialty is in physical, nutritional, and emotional stress. 


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Peter Lind

Dr. Peter Lind has written five books about healthy lifestyle and specifically subjects such as food, diet, nutrition, exercise, and stress. He has written one thriller about agriculture genetic engineering that has been written into a screenplay. 

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