Three mistakes diabetics make

There is more to diabetes than high sugar and taking medication to lower it.

WASHINGTON, DC, November 24, 2012 - One out of three people in the U.S. will develop diabetes in their lifetime. 

We have been taught to think that getting diabetes is a natural, normal process of aging and that you can continue living the way you have always lived, even after you have diabetes. 

That is simply not true. 

Diabetes is a self-inflicted health catastrophe that has been accepted in our society as an inevitable process. Many doctors are more than happy to give a diabetes patient a drug that allows them to continue their lives without ever talking to them about the causes of it or what to do to turn around their health. 

Here are three important health concepts everyone must know to avoid diabetes; and if you have diabetes, you have even more concern to understand these points.

There are very real factors that can be making your Type II Diabetes worse.

Potentially Deadly Mistake #1—Thinking Your Pancreas Is The Only Organ Involved In Keeping Your Blood Sugar Normal

Your major organs actually involved in blood sugar control are liver, pancreas, adrenal glands, and your thyroid gland.

Each of these has specific actions in the presence or absence of sugar in your system. They each need to be tested and evaluated. If one of these organs is not functioning correctly, it can make blood sugar go up or down. If any one of these organs/glands are ignored, diabetes will get worse.

A simple fasting blood sugar test just measures your sugar levels. You must know that your triglycerides and other fatty acid markers are absolutely needed to determine your progress of insulin resistance. Glycolated hemoglobin is another blood chemistry marker that is very valuable in determining and managing your progress. A salivary hormone test that checks your rhythm of cortisol is valuable in determining adrenal function. Cortisol increases blood sugar production in your liver. Cortisol is also a major stress hormone. If you are in constant stress you have high blood sugar and high cortisol levels. Your stress may be contributing to your diabetes.

To accurately assess diabetes, you must know how the other systems of your body are functioning. 

Potentially Deadly Mistake #2 —Not Understanding That Inflammation In Your Body Makes Type II Diabetes Worse

Inflammation causes you to make more cortisol. High cortisol will make you insulin resistant. Now, the question that must be answered if you’re going to feel better is where is the inflammation coming from

The two most common causes of inflammation are from food sensitivities and hidden infections in your stomach and intestines. Food sensitivities mean that your immune system has decided that something you are eating is an invader.

Many people have bacterial overgrowths, yeast overgrowths, and parasites but don’t notice any GI symptoms. This is why you can walk around with these things living in you for years.

Food sensitivities and GI infections cause your immune system to flare up.  When your immune system flares up, inflammation increases which caues cortisol to increase.  This makes you more insulin resistant which leads to fatigue, lack of energy, weight gain, low libido and high blood pressure.

Potentially Deadly Mistake #3—Thinking Type II Diabetes Is Genetic

Now obviously, you could have been born with a predisposition for developing diabetes. But, your environment — what you do to yourself, and what happens to you — is what really determines whether or not you develop Type II Diabetes.

Most important is finding the cause for high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and type II diabetes; because treating the wrong thing is a waste of time and money.

You must find out what your body is doing and how it is dysfunctional. Only then can you develop a logical, systemic plan to improve your health, not just lower blood sugar.


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