How to deal with emotional stress

You carry within you the seeds of emotional health and failure. Which you nurture is up to you. Photo: Rosario Uriarte testifying/ AP

SALEM, Or., August 27, 2012 — Emotional stress is a consequence of negative emotions growing out of control and taking over your life.

Why do we allow negative emotions to get out of control? Do you sabotage yourself constantly, not allowing yourself to feel successful or important? It’s in your power to change this, and in fact no one else can.

You carry within you a blueprint of your emotional self that was both given to you and created by you. You constantly add to this blueprint, giving yourself opportunities for happiness and joy, but other additions will cause you to feel anxious, angry, or depressed.

Every emotional stress is related to one of these following negative emotions:

1. Fear. Fear is one of our most basic and destructive emotions. It is a response to something, someone, or an action that we want desperately to avoid. Fear is one of your greatest enemies, but you can work through your fear by harmonizing with God and gaining wisdom and truth. You have to pursue these while going through your fear, and this will be a large part of your healing and recovery process.

2. Rejection. You feel rejection when you NEED approval. When you don’t get the approval, you feel rejection. Do this: Work through rejection by declaring yourself important, worthwhile, and needed by yourself and others around you. It’s really true; you just have to see it.

3. Worry. Worry is a destructive mindset. It fosters negative thinking that will dominate your waking thoughts. Worry is related to fear. People who worry are more prone to suffer pain and illness. To eliminate worry you must acknowledge what you know to be real and true, and focus your thoughts on things that are meaningful to you.

4. Anger. Anger is an emotion that comes from the need for power and domination. It is ignited when you can’t overpower and dominate others, and instead they dominate you. Anger is fueled by a need for revenge. Anger gives way to hatred, which fills your life with trouble. To become free of anger, begin by fighting any tendency to be irritable or to feel rejected. All those who feel anger and indulge their need for power and domination will eventually fall.

5. Jealousy. Jealousy grows out of vanity and greed. If you are jealous, you demand attention from others. Jealousy weakens and destroys your relationships. When we are filled with envy and distrust, we strongly repel all those around us. Begin moving towards a state of unselfish love to eliminate the jealousy in your life.

6. Criticism. When you criticize people, places, or things you propel the most common form of negative thought. Blaming, judging, and condemning lead to criticism. These are all dangerous. Stop it! Criticism leads to destructive habits and passions. You will grow out of criticism when you give happy, positive, and encouraging thoughts to yourself and others.

6. Vanity. Vanity is the addictive need for approval and praise of others. It is related to pride. We are full of ourselves. To eliminate vanity you must find true and lasting meaning in your life and some kind of a connection to God.

7. Hate. Hatred is an emotional outgrowth of anger and aggression. Hatred comes from fear. All hatred is disastrous. It darkens the soul, poisons the mind, and inflicts suffering on the body. The opposite of hatred is love. You have to learn to love.

Dealing with emotional stress

 There are many other destructive thoughts, feelings, and emotions that will bring you stress. These are the most common and the most negatively powerful ones you will encounter. In fact, if you work on just these alone, many other negative emotions will fall by the wayside.

To change your emotional blueprint you must first identify the type of emotional stress you are experiencing the most. Then begin recognizing ways to find the positive opposites to the negative emotions that are dragging you down, and work to bring them into your life. It will happen if you work at it.

Be warned!

Unrecognized and uncorrected emotional states will turn into far worse physical and emotional health problems. If you desire love you must set up a place in your being to accept love. You must welcome it and place it in your life. If you have conflicts in your life you need to resolve them. If you have contradictions, saying one thing and doing another, it may be time to clear them out. It may start with forgiveness of yourself and those others who may need it from you.

Life is too short to allow emotional stress to control you. It’s time to create a game plan of action!


Dr. Peter Lind practices metabolic and neurologic chiropractic in his wellness clinic in Salem, Oregon. USA. He is the author of 3 books on health, one novel, and hundreds of wellness articles. His clinical specialty is in physical, nutritional, and emotional stress.

If you found value in this article he has designed for you a Free 7 Day Stress Management Course. Visit his site at

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Dr. Peter Lind has written five books about healthy lifestyle and specifically subjects such as food, diet, nutrition, exercise, and stress. He has written one thriller about agriculture genetic engineering that has been written into a screenplay. 

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