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WASHINGTON, October 6, 2013 — Do you recall the days of youth when you literally bounded from bed to greet a new day? Now you don’t, and you chalk it up to age. This is not positive thinking. In fact, it is improper thinking or stinkin’ thinkin’.

What made you so energetic in youth? The wonders of life and the exploration of the onset of the mysteries of adulthood is inspirational and creates enthusiasm. Additionally, we have not yet poisoned our bodies with energy depleting impurities.

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Those who came to age in the 1960s well recall there was no such thing as ‘bad foods’, bad additives or imitation ingredients, and all food was fair game. There were no nutrition labels or warnings of any kind. We ate whatever was sold and the potato chips, cakes, sodas and snack foods came to the fore again, without warning.

Our diets and lack of exercise are energy killers. Here is how to get spring back in your step with no excuses.

Get moving. It’s just this simple. There is no such thing as being too busy or too tired to exercise. When we are fatigued, not from lack of sleep but from stress, anxiety or sitting too long, this is the perfect time to take a brisk walk.

Keep a small set of weights handy. Even when reading the computer screen you can pump iron. This is the only exercise that reduces fat from around the heart and builds muscle to take the strain off joints.

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Behave as if you have diabetes II. Investigate the low glycemic diet that diabetics are on. When you reach a plateau, this is your metabolism slowing down in ‘starvation mode’ thinking you cannot access the amount of foods you were. At this point, go high glycemic for five days to fool the brain and revert back to low glycemic. Repeat as often as necessary if you are trying to lose weight or have a consistent amount of energy.

Forget pills for energy such as those that contain ephedrine or niacin. Don’t drink large amounts of coffee and/or soda. The caffeine and sugar, ephedrine and niacin will follow the laws of physics. What goes up must come down and you will come down twice as fatigued as before.

The only pills to take are a brand name natural multi-vitamin and Co Q-10. If you are male, do not take vitamins with iron. Post mortem studies show too much iron causes hardening of the heart muscles in males. Females need iron from loss of iron via menstruation.

A word about Co Q-10: America is one of only a handful of countries that sell this over-the-counter (OTC). France, Japan, the UK and Russia prescribe this enzyme particularly for those with heart trouble.

Co Q-10 is the source of energy in every cell in the body, particularly the cardiac system. It is fallacy we renew all cells every seven years. Some organs are replaced within days and others, never. However, the key here is the body will replicate a damaged cell with a similar damaged cell which is one reason why cancer is so difficult to treat.

To have a well-nourished system with cells flooded with vitamins, minerals and Co Q-10 are certainly beneficial.

Forget sport drinks. Unless you are working out hard or running distances, you do not need to waste money on replenishing your body with electrolytes. In fact, some of the most popular sports drinks contain very unhealthy ingredients including proven carcinogens.

Remember, calories do count even if you are eating well. Four thousands calories from vegetables will not permit you to lose weight.

As far as enthusiasm and motivation, you must find something that excites you and pursue it with gusto. If you are working a workaday job, coming home to make dinner and flopping in a recliner and worse, dealing with what has become an insignificant other, you must make up your mind to change. Not doing so is slow suicide by way of poor mental and physical conditioning, depression and slow burn anger.

To recap, investigate a low glycemic diet, walk every day for 15 minutes minimum without excuses. When you pick up your mail, walk around the block. It’s just that easy and you will feel so much better right away. Take your vitamins, minerals and Co Q-10 and find something interesting to do with your time.

Any new program will take approximately 28 days for results. This is based on the fact the if the brain is subjected to repeated behaviors for 28 days, the behavior will become habit.

Your self-esteem, energy, happiness, confidence and inner tranquility will be greatly improved. From here, investigate meditation. This is icing on a low glycemic cake.

Paul Mountjoy is a Virginia based writer, psychotherapist and nutritionist.


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