Womens health: GMA's Tory Johnson's book can be life changing

Tory Johnson authored an extraordinary weight loss book as a must read Photo: Johnson website

WASHINGTON, October 12, 2013 — Good Morning America’s (GMA) Tory Johnson seems to have it all. She is a contributor for GMA, has a husband, Peter, who she says her friends claim appears a cross between Russell Crowe and George Clooney and is proud of her children, Emma, Jake and Nick. She resides in the Upper West Side and lives the good life.

However, she carried with her two things: fear of losing a most cherished career because of the second burden, because she was very overweight and had been so all her life.

Johnson’s weight issue was always on her mind because of childhood ridicule that rang in her ears throughout adulthood. The issue never became more clear than the day her boss, Barbara Fedida, scheduled their first one-on-one meeting. It was at this meeting Fedida told Johnson in so many words she was fat and needed to do something about it. Fedida was too kind to specifically mention weight but Johnson got the message.

This is when Johnson began to practice was she calls The Shift.

Johnson’s efforts led her on a journey of self-discovery that resonates with anyone who has had to endure the hardship of losing weight and in Johnson’s case, 70 pounds. Interestingly, the psychology she developed to undertake her journey is textbook in today’s world of the science of the mind.

Johnson declares permanently changing the eating experience may be more difficult than quitting drugs or alcohol because one must daily subject themselves to the very addictive substance that is destroying them.

Johnson’s book “The Shift: How I Finally Lost Weight and Discovered a Happier Life,” is written with blunt honesty and appropriate humor to underscore the events and vicissitudes of losing weight not by dieting, but creating an entire new outlook on food as fuel that permanently changes what one consumes.

Johnson chronicles her fight to stick out a program of healthy eating and exercise to achieve her goals and claims anyone can accomplish such goals with a particular mindset.

Bear in mind Johnson also founded a business with just an AOL address and dial–up internet after she was released from a job she thought she would have forever at NBC News.This is an important aspect for the mindset Johnson discusses.

The name of the company speaks for itself,”Women for Hire.” This and a second business called “Spark and Hustle” produce events and programs for aspiring entrepreneurial women. Both are multi-million dollar businesses.

Her approach to success in business served her in her mindset for losing weight. Johnson expressed to the Washington Times Communities the keys to success for lifetime healthy habits are similar to success in business such as determination, persistence, self-forgiveness when weakened, tenacity and tenaciousness. In fact, throughout The Shift,Johnson peppers the reader with motivational comments to support those attempting to change their lives.

Johnson has used her experiences as a sought after motivational speaker as an author, so one can turn almost any page and find something to help them bolster self-esteem, strength and support.

Johnson goes on to explain when weight goals are met in small increments not to get discouraged. She did not get heavy overnight, nor did she get slim overnight.

The final gift for the reader is her explanation regarding the rewards experienced when one finally wins the battle. She is quite frank in this area and her overview of how life changes and improves dramatically serves to motivate readers even more.

Readers must be cognizant that regardless of Johnson’s successes, they were greatly diminished by her weight problem. Readers will realize if Johnson’s life was so dramatically altered by “The Shift they can imagine what effect achieving their personal goals can have for them.

One effect that stands out in “The Shift” is Johnson realized Fedida’s meeting was designed from a loving relationship and was not a personal attack of any kind. The honest appraisal came from a loving heart to a friend whose weight problem was standing in her way.

We should all have such friends.

If anyone is considering weight loss and life changing advice combined with keys for success that can last a lifetime, “The Shift” is a must read.


Paul Mountjoy is a Virginia writer, psychotherapist and nutritionist






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