Edward Snowden: Treasonous underachiever?

Many believe Snowden, should suffer the fate he dictated for those who reveal classified info; as should Oliver Stone and others. Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, June 26, 2013 — Edward Snowden is a classic underachiever who turned his lifetime of failures into a media storm to attract attention to himself despite his attempts to deny self-aggrandizing. He is fully cognizant that all spotlights are on him and is very pleased with himself. His satisfaction stems not from feeling he is saving Americans from the horrors of government surveillance, but for finally being a ‘somebody’. To many, he was ‘a nobody’ until he allegedly committed treason.

Snowden may be a classic defiant underachiever, a personality formed in the early to late teens. These individuals are uncertain whether they are dependent or independent and eventually envision themselves as separate from the mainstream.

Snowden exemplified this by voting for 3rd party presidential tickets. At one point, he wrote on his chat line TheTrueHOOHA that he “Believed in Obama’s promises” and leakers of classified information should “Be shot in the balls.” His background supports this thinking.

His Father, a Coast Guard officer and Mother, a federal court clerk, indicate he grew up in a disciplined home. What went wrong? Nothing really. Snowden finally revealed his true self.

Snowden washed out of high school and later completed his GED. He then studied online at the University of Liverpool, had a deep association with Asian culture and religion, and proffered he believed in America’s cause in Iraq. As a result, he joined the United States Army Special Forces where in training, broke his legs and left the service.  .

Snowden had various jobs in USA government security and government security consulting firms. His short stint at Booz, Allen and Hamilton ended up another wash as he was dismissed for “Violations of the firm’s code of ethics and firm policy.” The firm indicated Snowden lied on his resume about his education.

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Underachievers such as Snowden are frustrated individuals attempting to determine a role in life perhaps larger than life, hence his pursuit of the Special Forces in the Army, lying on his resume and continually attempting to avoid the reality of personal failure. These types of underachievers are energetic, creative, seemingly honest and open yet live in denial.

They lash out at authority as oppressors responsible for their failures and rebel against any force they believe threatens their sense of control. They admonish others as failures and never miss a chance to enhance their own limited but exaggerated successes.

They project failure onto others and project their feelings onto others as well. Their anger is directed to everyone but themselves. They lack true maturation and believe everyone a threat by potential discovery of their true selves.

Many believe Snowden committed treason by his disclosures and by doing so, finally achieved something, even if it is only notoriety. Many assassins of world leaders have similar mindsets. Snowden finally achieve something big despite the fact he tried to hide from consequences.

There are millions of Americans who support the National Security Agency’s (NSA) efforts because it is so very difficult to determine who is , is not, or is pretending to be patriots of this nation and who is planning for its destruction or international marginalization.

The likes of Oliver Stone, Glenn Beck and others who support the underhanded, treasonous, cowardly actions of Snowden are held in contempt by these same folks who believe perhaps Edward Snowden, Stone, Beck and those who support Snowden should, by Snowden’s own account, be “Shot in the balls”


Paul Mountjoy is a Virginia based writer and a member of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science.







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