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Two girls from St. Louis create one great app. Photo: Muzio

WASHINGTON, September 25, 2013 — Reshma Chamberlin and Elizabeth Buchanan, software interface designers who formed a creative boutique in St. Louis, have come up with a way to solve a major problem. Their app, Muzio, is digital scrapbooking made simple. Hearing that, one might assume that Muzio is another Pinterest, but that would be far from the mark. 

Muzio delivers a seamless way to integrate Instagram photos, video, audio, text in to one narrative, otherwise known as a “Muze.” The point is not to add another place for people to post. Instead, the idea is to eliminate redundancies and create a centralized point for people to view narratives of life events or other things that inspire. It is part visual simplicity and part time-saver. 

To get a better look at their process and what it takes to be an entrepreneur, Chamberlin and Buchanan responded to the following questions: 

St. Louis, with Arch Grants and other efforts, is becoming a destination for startups. Tell us why the tech community should be paying more attention to St. Louis? 

A few years ago if you had a start-up in the midwest, you had to just fend for yourself without much community support. The city and some great individuals at organizations like Arch Grants and iTEN are really working hard to make St. Louis a place where startups want to be and where they have a support system to make it possible. The tech community should be paying attention to St. Louis because the environment is conducive to helping startups not only get off the ground but succeed. As a result you have numerous cutting edge ideas coming from our region, where it is economical work, hire and live. 

What was your greatest challenge in launching Muzio? What is your greatest challenge/opportunity now?

The greatest challenge in launching Muzio was making sure the product we put to market was something we were extremely proud of in terms of design and functionality, and that the features were ones our users would really value. This was a challenge because we self-funded Muzio and we needed to make very wise and strategic decisions. However this forces you to think out of the box and really leads to creative breakthroughs and ideation. We are constantly releasing new features like multiple login options, Instagram integration and many more. Stay tuned.

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The greatest opportunity is that virtually anyone can use Muzio. You can use Muzio for family adventures like chronicling a trip or a baby’s many firsts; or for businesses who can use it to share quick valuable multimedia content like make-up tutorials or how to’s; or the everyday techie who can chronicle their foodie adventures, events and much more. This is also the biggest challenge conveying the multitude of ways in which Muzio can be used. We are delightfully surprised by the wonderful Muzes that our users choose to share with us from DIY adventures, magical trips, recipes and even shopping lists. 

What makes Muzio unique, competitive? Why should someone download it right now? 

Muzio is a beautiful way to tell a story or chronicle just about anything. What sets Muzio apart is a unique combination of multimedia: photos, video, audio and text that really convey the true emotion of an experience. Reshma spent fourth of July in Michigan where she created a beautiful Muze with pictures of her family on the beach, mini videos of the fireworks, text snippets and audio of the national anthem being sung with the fireworks going off in the background. The Muze captured the essence of her experience, allowing people who viewed the Muze to feel like they were sitting with her on the beach that day. Muzio’s design is clean and crisp and very museum like, allowing your memories, moments and more to come to life in a unique way. We really focused on great user experience, making it really easy to make your Muzes. 

Users should download Muzio because is the easiest and most beautiful way to capture multimedia albums. People have all this unused media from photos, videos and more that really come to life with Muzio. Muzes can be kept private or shared on social media the user is already on, allowing users to capture moments and memories in a way like never before. 

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Why does the Internet love cats so much? 

Cats are mysterious creatures. The Internet, GIFS, memes and more are an effort to understand their odd behavior. The numerous cat videos and more seem to relate to the oddball in all of us! Have you met Abner yet

What influenced you in creating Muzio? 

Elizabeth took a long road trip from St. Louis to Cape Cod and back home again. She had the most wonderful time and took over a 1000 pictures, video etc. However when she started to show me the photos (Reshma here) after about 20 it was not very interesting and really did not convey the amazing experience she had. We began to look for a solution that would allow us to capture the essence of her experience. When we could not find a solution, we began to brainstorm. Muzio was born out of the need for a product that allowed you to capture the true feeling of moments, as well as chronicle almost anything using a unique combination of multimedia and design. We needed Muzio, so we set out to create it. 

Jeff Barrett is an experienced columnist and business leader. He has been named Business Insider’s #1 Ad Executive on Twitter, a Forbes Top 50 Influencer In Social Media and has contributed to Technorati, Mashable and The Detroit Free Press.

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Jeff Barrett

Jeff Barrett is an experienced columnist and business leader. He has been named Business Insider’s #1 Ad Executive on Twitter, a Forbes Top 50 Influencer In Social Media and has previously written for Mashable and The Detroit Free Press. 



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