CollegeHumor kicks off live tour: Interview with Amir & Streeter

A hilarious and life-changing interview with Amir and Streeter. All right. One of those things are true.  Photo: Jaime Marsanico, CollegeHumor

WASHINGTON, November 12, 2013 — In the now viral words of Bill O’Reilly, CollegeHumor is going to “do it live!” Stars of the award-winning website will be appearing live for a night of sketch and standup comedy in Arlington, Virginia’s Cinema & Drafthouse. 

In 2012, Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfled were featured on Variety‘s “10 Comics to Watch” list, and this year, NY Mag’s Vulture named them among “The 50 Comedians You Should and Will Know.” Streeter Seidell is the co-host of “Pranked” on MTV along with Blumenfeld. He can regularly be seen dispensing his comedic wit on History Channel’s I Love the 1880s, MTVs Money From Strangers and VH1’s Best Week Ever.

Streeter and Amir were gracious enough to answer 8.5 ridiculous questions about the tour seen below. 

1. Barrett: What can/should people expect from a College Humor live show?

Streeter: Hopefully not too many tears. Maybe a few. Amir says things that are soul crushingly sad but hopefully most of the tears come from laughter. Surprises. Laughter. 

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Amir: What more do you need other laughter? Oh and we’ll hangout after and say hi. 

1b. Barrett: Do your best to convince my grandparents to come.

Amir & Streeter: Don’t come at all. You will not like it and you will not get the jokes. I don’t want to offend them. I’m sure they are lovely people. Buy the tickets though. We would still love their money. That should be the headline, The We Want Money Tour.

2. Barrett: What’s your best piece of advice for aspiring comedians and writers?

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Amir & Streeter: Stay out of the game. Don’t compete with us, that means less opportunities for us, especially if you are talented. Once again don’t be taking money from us. In reality, do as much as you possibly can. Practice. There is no shortcut. “Nobody gets paid to tell their first joke.” - Woody Allen.

Barrett: Did Woody Allen say that?

Amir: No idea. It sounds like something he would say. 

3. Barrett: What’s your worst piece of advice? 

Amir: Don’t do anything until someone pays you. Don’t put anything out there for free. Stand your ground. Don’t pay your dues. Someone will pay you to be funny. While waiting, become a CPA. 

4. Barrett: Which city do you want to visit the least? 

Streeter: Minneapolis. Next question. 

Intermission. Barrett: How is this interview going?

Streeter: Going well. I’m starting to regret saying Minneapolis. 

5. Barrett: What is the key to a good prank?

Amir & Streeter: Pulling one off….a spectacle. An unexpected spectacle. Watching one…it’s a good reaction. You can have a good prank but if there isn’t a good reaction - you feel bad instead of wanting to laugh. You want it to be berrible but not life-changingly bad. 

6. Barrett: You have been on TV, appeared in movies, what’s next?

Amir: A ton of money. We’ve done everything. We’ve done the artist stuff. I want to buy a sick car. We haven’t gotten rich. That’s our problem. We’e been at it for nine years. We’re not rich yet. We want to be rich. We’ll sell out if the price is right if the price is rich. I’ll tattoo the Pepsi logo on my face.

Streeter: Then have enough money to laser that one off and get a new one. 

7. Barrett: Streeter, be honest. Which week has been the best week ever? 

Streeter: The week that I got married and went on my honeymoon. Second to that I found 20 dollars in my old ski jacket and 40 dollars in the ATM. 

Amir: What about your seven dump week? 

Streeter: Oh, that would be third. 

8. Barrett: If you could challenge my friends at TheChive to a competition, what would it be and why?

Streeter: Amir doesn’t know what theCHIVE is (Both laugh). Probably a picture gallery competition because I don’t think they do anything else. They would probably win though. They are pretty good at that.


Upcoming appearance information:

  • What: CollegeHumor Live featuring Jake & Amir and Streeter Seidell
  • When: Thursday, November 14 at 7:30 p.m.
  • Where: Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse – 2903 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA
  • Cost: $15
  • Cinema & Drafthouse Info & Ticket link 


Jeff Barrett is an experienced columnist and business leader. He has been named Business Insider’s #1 Ad Executive on Twitter, a Forbes Top 50 Influencer In Social Media and has contributed to Technorati, Mashable and The Detroit Free Press.

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Jeff Barrett

Jeff Barrett is an experienced columnist and business leader. He has been named Business Insider’s #1 Ad Executive on Twitter, a Forbes Top 50 Influencer In Social Media and has previously written for Mashable and The Detroit Free Press. 



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