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WASHINGTON, July 23, 2013 — Jim Barry, President of Bevelwise, breaks down Google’s Enhanced Campaigns and what it means for business. The guest post below is a quick reference for those familiar or unfamiliar with Adwords. 

If you are into search marketing, then you probably know something about this change to what Google has named Enhanced Campaigns through Adwords.  You had until July 22nd to change your account over to their way of doing things or they would do things or they will do it for you. The key thing to remember….Google, while powerful and a helpful tool to most, is still a business meant to generate money and exceed stockholder expectations. Do you really think they would do something that would make it harder for them to make money? Think about that for a moment…

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On the surface, this is truly easier for the small business or SEM novice to feel like they are reaching more people and touching some of the newer technologies, mobile, retargeting, etc. However for the advanced professional, this means having to redo a lot of the optimization that was done previously to help performance.  In essence, SEM professionals are somewhat starting over.  

You will now have to change, watch and analyze the performance the new way it works, then optimize based on the new data and the new system. Anyone working with third party SEM/PPC management platforms (outside of Marin and probably Acquisio) will have have to change their software and algorithims to play nice with the new Google way. As a result, expect some “growing pains” in the form of a drop in performance for a while as those systems figure out and update their programming based on what they need to do to work with the new platform. Some are advertising they have that completed, but until you are actually doing this and gathering data, you cannot make the adjustment to maximize performance.

For reference - Here are some good things about the change:

  • You can now issue phone numbers one ad group versus an entire campaign 
  • Click through URLs (site links) will now show individual stats by each URL, not all your links combined
  • You can now display your phone and address on the display network with your ads
  • You can target by device (mobile, desktop, tablet) and adjust your bid based on what device they use (always looking at performance of course) 
  • Tablets are no longer a mobile only device – as a lot of people use them as their main computer like they did a Desktop/Laptop 
  • You can now target your bids based on user locations, male/female, and greater demographic information than before

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And some things we don’t really care for:

  • Mobile is required for all campaigns forcing advertisers to have a mobile strategy
  • You cannot have a campaign dedicated to a particular device – in its own group.  This was always helpful for more advance and higher spend accounts
  • We expect to see an Increase in CPCs because all of the various campaigns (mobile, desktop, and tablet) and put them into one campaign to support this change 
  • Increased time in campaign management, optimization, and reporting – in order to break all of that now “combined” info back out for targeting

Do we believe this is a move in the right direction? Absolutely. As this migration becomes active you will have to make changes to how you have always done things. We have known for 5 months now this change was “coming” but until you are live and actually running on it – the best laid plans will change based on the data from campaigns under this new platform. Any search marketer will HAVE to spend some time in their camapaigns to make them perform “like they used to” and will need to pay attention to the new data to optimize accordingly.  Just be prepared.

Located in Michigan, Bevelwise is an 8 year old, medium sized, dedicated digital marketing firm that specializes in full web strategy -  SEO, SEM, Social Media, Web Development, Analytics.

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Jeff Barrett is Business Insider’s #1 Social Ad Executive, a Forbes Top 50 Influencer In Social Media, CEO of Status Creative, and record holder for the Most Strikeouts in Tee-Ball.  


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