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Start-up aims to be the social network for creative professionals.

WASHINGTON, July 17, 2012 — Creating social media is easy. The real difficulty is creating a new social network. Clara Shih, of Hearsay Social, talked about this in a previous interview. As Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn grow larger, the opportunity to create another competitive social network decreases. Even Google+ is realizing the difficulty of being late to market. 

Moofaces wants to be the social network for creatives and is starting to gather a following as a more social, simpler and specific version of LinkedIn. It’s an ambitious goal.

Moofaces is a place to network, post your portfolio and find jobs and/or collaborative projects. It’s not going to supplant LinkedIn but that’s not their intent. As social networking becomes a more important part of online job search, Moofaces is becoming a more progressive version of Indeed or other job search sites.  

Tavares Robinsongreen, Founder of Moofaces, talks more about the company and where he sees it fitting in the evolution of social media.  

1. What is the future of social media? What will we be talking about 12 months from now?  

Well I feel social media will be more about selling products and how to enhance monetary value from mobile advertisement. And additionally it will involve how to get more functionality out of Applications onto a handset.  I think more niche social platforms or Apps will be growing in the near future. But it’s always tricky to predict things in this technology space. 

More larger web companies will start drifting out of the standard tech world. More into business models of more tangible products. For example look at Google into products and original TV content for YouTube even Facebook talking of developing a phone.

2. What trend do you watch more closely? The evolution of different tools or how people interact?

Our team here at Team Moofaces tends to watch the Technology and Mobile Trends because we feel they both are very important and go hand and hand. In order to stay relevant and lead a great team a visionary must keeps his eyes open for what’s in his mind and what people are doing now. This shows you how to come up with a strategy on making the member’s or users happy. You got to know where your market is going in order to predict properly. 

Because what good are tools if people aren’t using them. It’s like coming up with a mobile App before the iPhone and designing it for the old Razr phone.  Part of the battle is knowing your market and predicting where it’s going and then iterating in between.  It doesn’t just make sense to build tools that people aren’t ready for or will not use. Always stay close to reason not too far out in left field.  The only time to go out far out of the norm is unless you are sure you have a winner. 

3. What differentiates you from similar start-ups like Ark? What is your niche? 

Number one the names of the other start-ups, I just don’t feel that a lot of start-ups think about them seriously. I mean big companies have big names that sound weird but then later sound cool. Think Google, Ebay, Twitter, Friendster and Facebook they just sound big. Branding is a big part of a big brand besides people adopting it the rest is functionality mostly. If the name didn’t matter then Sean Parker wouldn’t have told Mark to take off the The from And that’s not even getting into the idea yet. 

Moofaces puts a new spin on old social networks, in which it helps creative people connect based on their professions and interests. No, not another LinkedIn or something similar. We are doing it differently. By bringing the conversation back into social networks with a professional casual twist. When you think LinkedIn, you think resumes, professional, virtual business cards. With Moofaces you’re building upon a conversation with a social community. This experience starts the moment you create a profile. Everyone on the site are tagged with their profession and they can choose up to 3. 

You can be anything on Moofaces.  A Photo Journalist, Fashion Designer, Production Assistant…anything. Again it’s not like LinkedIn where you list the full description and details, but instead the quick keyword words that summarize what you do.  We want to make the experience more like mirroring real life interaction a more real relaxed approach. 

Most people when they meet you in real life they ask you two questions, 1. What’s you name?  2. What do you do?  We make what you do more transparent online.  That way people can connect easier.  We have a job search that searches through the web for jobs and for the one’s members post on Moofaces. We also have relationships with some of the top people in the creative industry. We have a deep understanding of the creative industry as we all have been raised in creativity our CTO is a developer/musician/singer and worked in a production crew, and our CEO is a musician/developer/web designer and film editor just to name a few.

Simply put we just don’t cater to people doing creative things separating ourselves from all of the noise on larger social networks. In the creative world you need all the tools to help connect, execute ideas and you need to be able to locate them fast.  Moofaces would exist somewhere between the layout of Twitter and Facebook with a hint of Linkedin.

4. We keep adding social channels that we check, update. Will it eventually condense or continue to grow larger?

I think it’s always been about the same just more people know about social platforms, and apps are very exciting to use now and fun.  Technology is about creating so I think it will go on as long as more people get bored of not doing what they love.  The idea of building a company just sounds so much fun but are very hard to build depending on your scope. But I feel it will always be the bigger ones and then some smaller ones people will still use. Maybe going towards what people are interested in achieving on the web more niche style platforms.

5. What are the keys to success you have learned over your career?

Wow I think it’s different per start up every battle is different based on the product. But really you have to know a lot about user interaction meaning what people want. That’s easier said than done, and you have to develop around what you want, and what they want. You have to make sure all of your business materials are together. Having a general understanding of terms of VC’s, web applications, etc. 

To be an entrepreneur you must be very diverse, skilled and passionate. Don’t believe in luck only in work and thinking smart. And always watch the company you keep bird of a feather do flock together. Try to get support about your start up talk to like-minded people. Last but not least make sure you love what you do and do not do it for money because if that’s why you building it in the first place then it will end as fast as it began.

6. What is next for MooFaces?

 I think our focus is raising seed investment aside from our own bootstrapping. Building more partnerships with key organizations and going more into the mobile space.  Basically making our product more adaptable for any type of digital environment possible.  We are just at our beginnings and we have not even attempted to show our vision. 

As Facebook would like to make the world more open and connected we would only like to focus on the creative world separating us from all of the noise on other platforms. And of course increasing our team with smarter people being able to think outside the box.


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