Pinterest for men has arrived, courtesy of theCHIVE

Tapiture succeeds on a premise as simple as Nike. Just tap it.

VENICE, Ca., August 14, 2012 — The hardest thing to do online is build a community. It’s easy to create social media, but it’s increasingly difficult to create a social network. 

Leo Resig, co-founder and CEO of Resignation Media, already has the community. His site, theCHIVE, is the catalyst for the most dedicated, loyal and generous fanbase on the Internet. It’s a bond built through mutual respect and ridiculously hilarious photos. 

Given the success of Pinterest, theCHIVE, and Resig’s understanding of the male mind, it was natural and almost inevitable that he create an online pinboard. 

Tapiture is Pinterest for men. There is no clearer way of saying it. What makes it interesting is that it is integrated in to theCHIVE and its community. It’s a potential game-changer, because no social site has ever had the benefit of starting out with a larger built-in community. 

It’s the kind of attention that is only achieved by creating a sex tape, or cutting off all your hair to look like that one kid from Harry Potter (sorry, Miley) or cheating on Team Edward. 

Resig and I talked in depth about the site, the community and Peyton Manning leaving his home state of Indiana. 

1. What is Tapiture? What makes it different from Pinterest and other pinboard-style social sharing sites?

Tapiture is where guys can save, share and search for their favorite photos and videos online by “Tapping” them. Tapiture is similar to other Pinterest-for-men sites (manteresting, dudepins, gentlemint) in terms of the content featuring tech, girls, funny photos, etc., but we know men better than they do. is 70% male and we know what they like, and we have applied a lot of the special sauce to Tapiture. And since most of Tapiture is powered by the users, they are Tapping photos they like and want to share with each other.

I think the obvious distinction is that we have a built-in male fan base on theCHIVE that we are able to inject into Tapiture and see if it resonates with a large audience out of the gates. Most of the other pinterest-for-men sites were started by developers whose girlfriends or wives really liked Pinterest and they thought, “I can build this” which they did, but with no real audience to introduce it to. Starting a site from scratch is nearly impossible anymore without a traffic source. Tapiture will be the truest test to see if men’s online browsing behavior and taste will mirror the proven success of Pinterest. Which so far, it is looking very promising.

1a. You made the site very simple. You just click on a picture and it’s saved. No hassle. What did you learn from other sites and your audience?

Yes, users can Tap photos using our Tapmarklet that installs into any browsers’ bookmarket toolbar, or they can use the 3rd party “Tap it” button that websites are placing under their articles, galleries and videos to encourage social sharing, the same way the Facebook “Like” button works.

2. What do you think is the potential of photo sharing sites? Is there a ceiling?

People love photos. They are timeless and speak all languages and this will never go away. We’ve experienced this first hand with theCHIVE, which is the number one reason for the success of the site. People like to make other people smile or laugh, and sharing photos does just that and they don’t take up too much time in our busy days. 

The potential is limitless.

3. How do you plan on integrating it further into theCHIVE? 

We already have a pretty robust integration on theCHIVE with the “Tap it” button that lives below each post as well as a sidebar widget that dynamically displays the most popular photos from Tapiture. We also do a “Top Tapiture photos of the week” post once a week, which drives a lot of traffic and awareness.

4. When you were naming Tapiture, how long did it take you to realize people could say “I’d tap that?” Or was that intentional? 

Not intentional at all, but we soon realized this was the hook the newly established community adopted. Yet another reason the name, Tapiture, hits on all cylinders and extends beyond the confines of a flat brand name. Tap it!

5. How will you measure success with Tapiture? What is your timetable?

We will measure our success when we are able to buy Pinterest. Kidding! I honestly don’t have a user goal or timetable in mind, nor do I have a traffic goal we’re trying to hit. The site is still a work in progress and we’re molding it based on feedback from our users, who essentially run the site. To me, Tapiture is already a success. People are using it and liking it. I’ll be humbled and flattered when Tapiture and “Tap it” is a household name.

6. What is your favorite Internet meme? Currently or of all time?

By far, my favorite meme is the Gersberms Girl and the entire secondary language that exists solely on that one photo. I speak Ermahgerd in regular conversation all the time.

7. Chivers are loyal and intense. Explain what their support has meant to you over the years?

How much room can I take writing this? Seriously, words can’t describe how in awe I continue to be with theCHIVE community. I work for them; everyone at CHIVE HQ works for them. They F’ing rock! Chivers are loyal and intense, but they are nice people and very generous. We’ve been able to raise over half a million dollars for individual causes and will continue to do so through our new foundation launching in about one month, Chive Charities. 

8. Michael Jackson, Larry Bird, Ron Swanson are all from Indiana. Who is the greatest person to ever call Indiana home?

This is easy, Peyton Manning and Johnny Appleseed. The only difference is that Johnny Appleseed is buried in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Peyton Manning is burying his career in Denver.

 Jeff Barrett is the Co-Founder of Status Creative, 2011 PRNewswire Award Winner for “Best Use of Video In Social Media” and once stayed at Holiday Inn Express.  


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