Boston Marathon bombings: Source of terrorist attack not yet known

BOSTON, April 15, 2013 - Rolling updates of the explosions in Boston: 

At 10:00pm eastern, there is still not no motive or no one in custody.

Number of injured has risen to 140 with at least 17 of those being in critical condition.

Authorities have released a BOLO, or Be On the Look Out, for an individual described as a “darker skinned male, with accent wearing black hood sweatshirt and black backpack.” This person was encountered attempting to gain access to a restricted area. When he was unable to get into the area, he raised suspicions when he “broke eye contact and pulled up his hood.”

What should be a joyous celebration of personal achievement turned to tragedy when a pair of bombs, fifty – one hundred yards apart, exploded at the finish line. 

The explosions, three to four seconds apart beginning at 2:54 pm, have resulted in two deaths, and many more injuries.

Reports are that of the injured ten persons required amputations and there are seven multiple-system wounds.

Hospital reports are that they are removing ball bearings from the victims, leading to the belief that the bombs, though reported to be crude, were packed with the bearings and other shrapnel.

There is also speculation that the devices were placed down low, such as in the bottom of waste cans, leading to lower extremity shrapnel injuries.

An eight-year-old boy and a woman were killed in the blast. Eight other children were also injured.  The youngest injured is three and the oldest in her sixties.

Six children are reportedly at Boston Children’s Hospital; they are in good to serious, but not critical condition. 

Representative Wm. Keating (Mass) has said that they have found two other unexploded devices.

While the devices are considered crude, they are calling the attack a sophisticated and coordinated event. 

Frances Fragos Townsend , former Bush Homeland Security advisor says they don’t know yet, if it is domestic or international terrorism. An individual can be responsible for an act of terrorism.  Terrorism is a defined act that is not “accidental” such as a gas explosion. 

President Obama did not say “this is a terrorist attack”

Injured man at Boston Marathon

President Obama says (not full/direct quotes): Boston is a tough and resiliant town, and the American people will be with them every step of the way.

We still do not know who this or why, but make no mistake we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who and why, and person or groups responsible will feel the full weight of justice.

President and Mrs. Obama send their thoughts and prayers to the victims.   Homeland security and FBI is mobilizing the appropriate response.  On a day like today there are not Democrats or Republicans, we are all Americans.

Devices are said to be crude, not using C4.  Officials are saying this is a planned coordinated attack.

Governor Deval Patrick of Boston asking everyone to stay away from the explosion area.  Go home.  For families looking for possible victims, call 617-635-4500, Mayor’s hotline. Call 1-800-494-tips if you saw anything or have any information.

There we no specific intelligence that anything was happening or to pre warn officials of the blasts. 


Area around the blast site will be closed for the next 24 hours at least.

For families looking for possible victims, call 617-635-4500, Mayor’s hotline. Call 1-800-494-tips if you saw anything or have any information.

CNN is calling this, by all reports, a “Terrorist Attack”

President Obama will be making a statement around 6:10pm EST according to the White House.

News continues to come in on the explosions in Boston.  The city has been largely evacuated.  At this time, there are reports of three devices; The fire at the JFK Library is confirmed to be unrelated.

As of 5:25pm, Secret Service reports that there is an expanded security perimeter at the White House with spokesman Ed Donovan saying the measure was taken out of “an abundance of caution.” 

Injuries are confirmed at over one hundred persons injured in the bombing.

Woman seeking her friend that ran the Marathon.

Woman seeking her friend that ran the Marathon.


They are still calling this a well coordinated event, but are not calling it an attack. FBI is working with local enforcement, collecting and viewing videos, surveillance cameras, photographers. A lot of rolling film at the Marathon; if you were taking video and may have captured something please call the Tip Line at 1-800-494-TIPS.

Reports are that one of the injured has lost a leg in the explosion.  Hospital in the area are reporting that 46 person are injured, some critically. Now that numbers has risen to 49 hurt, with both serious and critical injured. 

President and FBI are all pledging support. Next briefing is expected for 7:00pm. And we ill be watching.

For families looking for possible victims, call 617-635-4500, Mayor’s hotline. Call 1-800-494-tips if you saw anything or have any information.

All packages dropped or left behind will be searched.

They are asking that people go home, or back to the hotel room if visiting. That people stay out of crowds.

Boston Police immediatley actived a response system.  There was an explosion at the JFK Library about one half hour ago that they feel is related.

Ed Davis, Police Commissioner says that at 2:50 pm there were simultanious explosions near the finish of the Marathon.  They were approx 50-100years apart and all victims have been removed from the scene. 

The “nature of the explosions” are leading authorities to say that these are “crude devices”. A third bomb has been dentonated; a fourth bomb may have been found. 

The death toll is expected to rise.  At this time, confirmed fatalities remain at two persons. 

This is now being treated as an intentional bombing with multiple devices being found, a third device being disarmed.  It is being termed a “well coordinated event” speaking just short of calling it a terrorist event. 

The FAA has suspended air flights over Boston and there is a ground stop for flights going into Boston. 

Video still taken at exact moment of first detonation. (WBZ-TV via AP.)

At 4:25pm, there are reports of a possible incendiary device at the University of Massachussette, JFK Presidential Library.

As of 4:24pm, Federal law enforcement authorities are confirming to ABC News that the explosions at the Boston Marathon were intentional bombings using “small portable explosive devices.”

Boston Fire Department will be briefing media at 4:30pm. 

National Guard, heavy first responders and increased security were on the ground at the time of the explosions.

People seeking to find runners or possible victims can check with The Red Cross at

Unconfirmed reports are that two explosive devices have been found, with one, reportedly, being detonated by police. A government source is saying that a third explosive device has now been found by Fire Department first responders.

Boston Police are confirming that 23 persons are injuried, two killed. 

Chaos at Boston Marathon

Chaos at Boston Marathon

In addition to the annual Boston Marathon, drawing over twenty-six thousand participants, today is also opening day at Fenway Park and a state holiday, Patriots Day.  The Vice President has said that he has “heard of the Bombings in Boston..” leading to wild speculations, however no one is taking credit for the “massive explosions” that has led to numerous, reportedly some very bloody injuries.

Today is a day of events in Boston, events interrupted by explosions that witnesses say “sounded like two claps of thunder…”  Images capture a white, grayish smoke rishing seven to ten stories into the sky.


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