Ramen Noodling your MacBook Pro: Don't try this at home

Student plugs lunch into USB port. Result: Firewire. Photo: Composite/Ponick

CHICAGO, March 22, 2013 – This column explores the unconventional stories that occur when people spill various liquids onto or into their MacBooks and how the Mac Repair Experts at LiquidSpill.com save them the trouble and expense of buying a brand new machine.  

A couple months ago, a student who owned just a 5-month old MacBook Pro was lying in bed sick with a cold. She decided to relax with some warming soup and try to recuperate by watching “The Office” in the cozy confines of her room. She had by her side everything a student could want on a lazy Sunday: Ramen Noodles, a strong Wi-Fi connection, and Michael Scott shenanigans to validate her procrastination and rationalize her decision not to do homework. 

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Out of all the technological orifices built into a MacBook Pro, somehow her Ramen noodles made their slithery way into her USB ports. Yes, you heard me correctly. Her USB ports. For those of you who don’t bother with such details, USB ports are among the tiny spaces or “ports” hiding on the sides of your MacBook. Keyboard spills, unfortunately, are relatively common in the laptop world. But to get noodles into a laptop via a USB port, a person would have to make a conscious effort to tip the computer completely on its side, and then proceed to pour noodle soup directly into it. That my friends, is one magic noodle. 

Once any liquid or associated organic matter makes its way into the port, the computer screen starts to experience something that only occurs when bad things happen in the Matrix. Right on cue after encountering the fatal noodle, our student’s screen dissolved into a black/white grid as everything else shut down. The logic board on her MacBook was completely fried and would not turn back on. She began to panic because she knew nobody would believe her story, especially the part where she did not directly pour soup into the Mac’s USB ports.

After hours of searching online and some light instagraming in between, she found LiquidSpill.com. She sent them a message about her spill and they responded immediately. One of LiquidSpill’s top technicians, Sergio, was available to personally help her via email and keep her updated on the status of her Mac. He informed her that LiquidSpill.com provides free FedEx shipping and that her repair would only cost $480 with everything included. There were no hidden fees or service charges attached.   

She couldn’t believe it because all the other places she called charged well over $700 for their repair services. If the Ramen noodles haven’t already tipped you off yet, this student, like many others, wasn’t able to afford that level of repair service while simultaneously paying for books and Netflix.  

After contacting LiquidSpill.com, she printed out the FedEx shipping label the firm provided free of charge and sent her MacBook on its way. She was amazed that the Mac Experts at LiquidSpill.com were able to fix her Mac within 10 days and send her back what seemed like a brand new MacBook Pro. 

LiquidSpill.com is a Mac repair service that specializes in liquid spills. The company provides free FedEx shipping, allowing the customer to send his or her MacBook to their expert Mac specialists where they repair it and send it right back. Their customer service is top of line, which means LiquidSpill was available to help this customer throughout the entire repair process, bringing yet another happy ending to this unique near-disaster.


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