Interview: Author Kristin Mackey inspires people to improve

Kristin Mackey has motivated thousands to a better life and she shares her knowledge in her new book. Photo: "Managing your particles" is key to self-improvement

WASHINGTON- June 19, 2013 — A conversation with author and motivational Speaker Kristin Mackey, recognized by Training Magazine as “One to Watch.” For over 15 years Mackey has been a professional motivational speaker and worked with over 18,000 people in 400 cities.

Kristin Mackey has motivated thousands to a better life and today she shares her knowledge, discussing her book “You Can, You Will, You Did!” that is a must read for those looking for an easy-to-read learning experience for self-improvement and achievement.

Kristin Mackey’s book

Paul Mountjoy - How can your book help others?

Kristin Mackey -The book helps readers learn that it is possible to make positive changes in their lives regardless of their past or present situation.

PM - You describe an incident in your youth when you discovered people are as appreciative of effort almost as much as results?

KM - Yes, I made a decision to act on a sudden opportunity that had more to do with having courage and facing the unknown than the actual result. I think we all want good results from our decisions and actions.

However, having the courage to move in a direction that is more about testing yourself than achieving the perfect outcome tends to ignite something in those around you to do the same.

I learned at a very young age to be comfortable with taking risks as well as learning self-acceptance with disappointment.

PM - You speak of “particles: based on Einstein’s terminology.” What do you mean?

KM - I use Einstein’s term “particles” as it relates to the ideas surrounding quantum theory. The phrase “managing your particles” is used to help reads identify and apply clear language to the subtle dynamics in life we all experience. It also serves as a metaphor for helping people better understand how powerful they are in making life changes.

 PM - Are you saying we live with self-imposed limitations and personal shells that we can break away from and achieve?

KM - To a degree, yes we do. As children we have little control, but as adults, we can seek out resources, practice new behaviors and choose to focus on the good in our lives. The key word is choice.

We can choose to change our perspective and take action in a fresh direction or we choose to make excuses. If we choose to take positive action and overcome our fears, we invite better things to show up in our world.

PM - How did you get on the motivational speaking circuit?

KM - I started my speaking career at age 25 for a seminar company teaching professional skills. This opportunity allowed me to travel nationally and live my passion for teaching. I have been speaking to small and large audiences ever since.

PM - How long did you spend on the creation of the book?

KM - The book was based on a lifelong concept ,but the crafting of it took a year. I wanted the cartoons to capture hard to understand ideas.

PM - What motivated you to write this book?

KM - I noticed in my travels that many people were overwhelmed by changes in their lives such as job loss, housing issues, divorce or dissatisfaction on how they were living. I wanted to create a tool that would help people move through life changes with ease.

I wanted them to feel supported while they were experiencing a difficult or challenging time and inspire them to keep going.

PM - In your book, you have workshop areas for self-examination. Is this an essential component to measure forward progress?

KM - Yes. Completing the workbook exercises improves focus and tracks progress. Writing is a very effective practice for self-healing and goal clarification. Often times, we have great ideas, impulses and desires but find ourselves too overwhelmed to act.

PM - If one reads your book, what can they glean from it?

KM - That deciding and committing to living an authentic and congruent life is the path to true well-being.

PM - It is written in easy-to-read fashion and not full of industry jargon or over explanation. Is this deliberate and why?

KM - Very deliberate. I wanted this book to be light, fun and inspiring.

PM - This book inspires creativity. How important is creativity to achieving goals that seem to be defined by others?

KM - Creativity is very important as everything we do can be creative. Harnessing our creative ideas into something tangible takes time, patience and commitment.

PM - You use the term “clarity’ often in the book. Why?

KM - Many people in my workshops expressed having the most difficulty deciding or “knowing” what they wanted to do or what would make them happy. The exercises in the back of the book are designed to trigger introspection and reveal deep personal insights. Without clarity, everything can be more difficult.

PM - What can one expect to learn when reading this book?

KM - I hope they feel empowered to be the next best version of themselves with peace, passion and purpose!

Read more at Kristin Mackey’s web site. Her book “You Can, You Will, You Did” is available at

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