Obama's delusion: Obamacare has not caused widespread job loss

President Obama spoke in Largo, Md., once again describing Obamacare in his imaginary world, not in America. Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, September 27, 2013 — Yesterday, President Obama took his perpetual campaign to a community college in Largo, Maryland. Obama’s speech was meant to whip up support for Obamacare. It was filled as usual with partisan attacks, snide comments about the right, and yet another attack on Fox News, which he accused of spreading lies.

Listening to Obama’s Obamacare campaign is like being in an alternate universe, where up is down, yes means no, and where reality is whatever you see when you close your eyes really hard and wish.

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Obama’s prime target audience is as disturbing as his message. He targets a young audience of low-information voters, encouraging them to convince their parents that their experience is imaginary and his fantasies are real.

His speech and its delivery were not just unpresidential; the speech wasn’t true. It was hardly connected to reality at all. It is as if to Obama, the truth is whatever he thinks it is. He simply rattles off words in a mocking tone, gets the audience to laugh and clap at his antics. The focus is always Obama himself, what a “cool guy” he is, not whether his words are true or false or meaningful.

Reality? Evidence? Evidence, says Obama, is just an attempt to “mess with him.”

During his speech, Obama made several blatantly false comments. Among the most blatant: There is no widespread evidence that Obamacare is hurting jobs.

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Over the last year, business after business has cut worker hours to less than 30 per week in order to escape the employer mandate that requires businesses with 50 or more full-time employees to provide health insurance. Regal Entertainment, Land’s End, Trader Joe’s, and Wal-Mart are just a few examples of large companies that have begun to cut hours to avoid the employer mandate. 

Smaller companies have taken similar moves as the train wreck of Obamacare looms. This week, there have been countless stories of universities and school districts cutting the hours of staffers. These job cuts are documented in a report by Investor’s Business Daily.

Senator Ted Cruz, during his epic, 21 hour and 20 minute filibuster, brought to the limelight a letter from the Teamsters president to top Democrats that detailed the tremendous negative impact that Obamacare will have on their workers.

That letter opened with a clear and scathing statement regarding the impact of Obamacare:

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“When you and the President sought our support for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you pledged that if we liked the health plans we have now, we could keep them. Sadly, that promise is under threat. Right now, unless you and the Obama Administration enact an equitable fix, the ACA will shatter not only our hard-earned health benefits, but destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week that is the backbone of the American middle class.”

Unlike Obama, the facts don’t lie. Obama cannot escape the realities of his “signature legislation.” It is a train wreck. It is a direct assault on our freedom. It is a poorly crafted piece of legislation that was declared constitutional by an activist Supreme Court only after the judges — illegally — creatively reinterpreted the language to make it legal.

Has America embraced the Orwellian slogan, “Ignorance is Strength”? Will we accept lies as truths because it makes us feel good? That is what happens when you pass a bill to see what’s in it. That is what happens when you allow yourself to be lied to by the president. That is what happens when you elevate a man to a godlike status, excusing away any and all falsehoods of his rhetoric. You get a people suckered into lies who cheer for tyranny.

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