Time to execute the Palestinian executioners

As another two young men are cut down by Palestinian terror Israel must succumb to the fact that the only way to deter Jihad is with force. Photo: AP

ISRAEL, September 27, 2013 — A new strategy to combat the continued slaughter of Israeli citizens is desperately needed. Capturing these murderers and then handing them back as symbolic gestures of goodwill is not working.

That is exactly what got the first of two 20-years-old Israeli soldiers killed this past week. The Palestinian who killed him was hoping to trade his corpse for his brother, a terrorist being held in an Israeli prison. He did not even feel the need to keep the young soldier alive, because Israel has set a horrifying precedent of trading live Palestinian prisoners for dead Israeli bodies.

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Israel has tried this pathetically weak approach and it has failed miserably.

Israeli Knesset Member Ayelet Shaked has said that, “The State of Israel does not know how to keep terrorists in prison, unfortunately we have no choice but to ensure that murderers, like those who killed the Fogel family, who killed a three month old and his parents, are never released.”

There are two very distinct perspectives to consider with regard to the radical Islamic population in Israel. However, as news reports pour in about the two tragic murders, it is clear from both viewpoints that these Palestinian executioners must meet the gallows.

The first viewpoint is that these radical Jihadists are merely articulate animals.

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It is a far too common Muslim refrain, most prominently uttered by former Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi in 2010 on a Lebanese television program, to refer to the Jews as “descendents of pigs and apes.” Looking at recent events in the Middle East, including this week’s murders, leads us to ask who the animals of the region really are?

The Arab Spring has descended into a frigid winter where thousands in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and other Arab lands are being eradicated. Videos of beheadings, mass shooting and even the eating of enemy hearts flood our TV and computer screens.

Christians are being slaughtered for being Christian, secular Muslims are being erased for being non-believers, and Jews are being executed because they are defending their G-d-given homeland. These are not the actions of healthy and feeling human beings; these are the actions of beasts in the wild.

An animal cannot be reasoned with, nor can he be rehabilitated; if re-released into the wild, he will simply kill again. Thus, the death penalty is the only solution to reduce the amount of blood these monsters spill.

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The other viewpoint is that these Arab terrorists are very much rational human beings. In his assessment of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s landmark book on the Arab population in Israel, “They Must Go,” Ariel Zellman writes:

“This is not a racist work. Nowhere does Kahane claim that Arab Israelis (or Palestinians in general) have less physical or mental capabilities than Jewish Israelis nor does he argue that their worth as individual human beings is any less than that of any other individual. Perhaps most importantly, nowhere does he claim that the Arabs living in Israel do not have their own claims to the territory nor does he expect them to respect, acknowledge, or concede to being in a position of an oppressed national minority. If anything, Kahane’s strongest criticisms in this regard are directed against Zionist pioneers and Israeli government officials who, he insists, did and still do not respect the intellect and ambitions of the Arab population believing that they could and still can be ‘educated and fed’ into acquiescing to Israeli rule.”

Kahane understood what far too many liberals do not. Arab Israelis, just like any other people, will never be content to live in a land where the national anthem extolls the greatness of having a “Jewish Soul,” and no amount of appeasement can assuage them.

With this in mind, it is clear that when Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas gets up in front of the U.N. General Assembly and claims that he is committed to peace, he is most likely playing a very conniving game. He claims that peace is the world’s last great hope, in direct contrast to last year’s speech in which he hammered Israel for being created. It is in contrast as well to his recent admission on PA TV that he has sent Jihadists to kill innocent Israelis.

Abbas does not want peace, and his people continue to slaughter Israelis without a second thought. The PA president knows what the international community is all too desperate to hear and he gives it to them. He has no regard for the damage it does not only to Israelis, but to his own people as well. As the shrewd eunuch Veres from Game of Thrones so eloquently puts it, he “would see the country burn if he could rule the ashes.”

If one believes that Palestinian killers and their leaders are rational thinkers, the death penalty would be an effective tool to change their behavior. Dates with the executioner would create deterrence. Palestinian terror organizations do not have an infinite number of expendable martyrs like other radical Islamic Jihad groups might. The Palestinian population is far smaller than most other Islamic nations. Killing the terrorists who are caught will create a cost for the Palestinians that greatly outweigh the benefits.

With every Jew killed it becomes more and more clear that no matter how human or animal a terrorist ― a Shahid ― is, a slap on the wrist will only lead to a higher body count. Executing captured terrorists may be repulsive and disturbing, but it is also absolutely necessary.

It is time for the Jewish State, even though it is a Jewish State, to impose the death penalty for these most despicable criminals. Only an iron-fisted response will make the radical Islamic butchers think twice before attacking innocent Israelis. The “Arab Spring” has shown that force is the language of the radical Islamic savage. Israel must get on board, and the world must not ask for restraint, as it always does ― not if it wants the free world to survive this century.

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