Remember 18 year-old Eden Atias, murdered by Palestinian terrorist

Eden Atias, an 18-year-old Israeli boy is murdered as he sleeps by a 16 year-old Palestinian boy. We can't forget Eden, or the countless others. Photo: Ilia Atias at her sons coffin

ISRAEL, November 17, 2013 —  Eden Atias, an 18-year-old Israeli boy is murdered as he sleeps by a 16 year-old Palestinian boy. Yet even as this young Israeli met his death at the hands of a terrorist, the world continues to slam the Jewish state and the Jewish state only.

Sadly, the words of Edmund Burke have never seemed so pressing and prophetic:

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”

18 year-old Eden Atias was murdered. Remember his picture and remember his name.

Eden Atais - click to enlarge

Eden Atais - click to enlarge

If you are a parent but not an Israeli, chances are you have dreaded, or are currently dreading, the final day of high school when your child packs up and leaves home. For Eden’s mother, Ilia Aias, the day her child flew the nest brought with it a level of fear few mothers have had the ill-fated opportunity to experience.

For an Israeli mother, high school graduation is not only the receiving of a diploma but a mandatory draft notice as well. For an Israeli mother, the 18th year of her son’s life is the most terrifying because it could very possibly be his last.

With just a few weeks of basic training under his belt, Eden Atias boarded a bus in his new army greens and tried to grab a quick nap. He never woke up. While he slept, the 16 year-old Palestinian boy stabbed him in the throat repeatedly, inflicting wounds that would prove to be fatal.

It is imperative that the civilized world not forget this story, along with its horrible details and heartbreaking pictures while it is still fresh. If we do not make a concerted effort to remember, even just for a brief moment, our brother or son as the young boy slaughtered as he slept, than we are doomed to allow it to continue.

If we do not allow the picture of Eden Atias to haunt us than we are doomed to be apathetic when Israel releases his killer at the behest of the Western powers in a few years’ time.

Remember Eden Atias with a knife in his neck when John Kerry, Susan Rice and the rest of the disgraceful Obama Administration blame Israel for the failure of the most recent round of peace talks between them and the Palestinians.

Remember mother Ilia Atias sobbing over her young son’s coffin when Mahmoud Abbas, Saeb Erekat and the rest of the murderous Palestinian Authority blame Israel for announcing new tenders for construction in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

Building houses, even if you are misguided and ignorant enough to believe that they are being built illegally, does not kill young children; stabbing them in the neck when they are unarmed and defenseless does.

The Middle East in general, and Israel in specific, is a very complicated area. This does not mean that there are no simple truths. The simple truth here is that Eden Atias did nothing to deserve being cut down with his whole life in front of him. The state of Israel did nothing to justify the grief that will envelop Ilia Atias for the rest of her life.

The Israel Housing Authority has issued no edicts that warrant the sickening actions of the hate-filled murderous 16 year old Hussein Rawarda

Our silence until now has all but allowed the world to forget the hundreds of other young Israelis who have been butchered by Palestinian terrorists, such as 20 year old Nava Applebaum, who was murdered along with her father on the night before her wedding or 13 year old Kobi Mandell and 14 year old Yosef Ishran who were stabbed and beaten to death when they were out hiking near their home.

Do not let the murder of Eden Atias fall by the wayside in kind. Let it inspire you to speak out against anti-Israel incitement, even when it comes from John Kerry himself.

Let us not be blinded by rhetoric and propaganda. Let us finally listen to Burkian wisdom and not doom ourselves, and more pressingly, the men and women of Israel, young and old, to more death, destruction and sorrow.

That’s RIGHT! I Said It!

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