The Fallacy of the Two State Solution ‘For Dummies’

Any Average Joe can see that there never was and never will be a two state solution, because the Palestinians don't want one. Photo: Gary Clement/National Post

ISRAEL May 23, 2013 — Martin Sherman is a genius. Alan Dershowitz is a genius. Most of the rest of us (no offense) are not.

Sherman has dedicated his Jerusalem Post weekend column, Into The Fray, almost solely to debunking the myth of the “Two State Solution” as a viable resolution to the Israeli-Arab conflict.

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This past weekend, Sherman presented a wonderfully clear chain of logic proving that the legitimization of the Palestinian’s national claims are “at best counter-intuitive.” Sherman argues that once the legitimacy of a Palestinian state is conceded, the delegitimization of Israel is inevitable. The chain of reasoning is clear and compelling, almost algorithmic:

If the Palestinian narrative, which portrays the Palestinians as an authentic national entity, is acknowledged as legitimate, then all the aspirations, such as achieving Palestinian statehood, that arise from that narrative are legitimate. Accordingly, any policy that precludes the achievement of those aspirations will be perceived as illegitimate. So, if the legitimacy of a Palestinian state is accepted, then any measures incompatible with its viability are illegitimate.

However, in the absence of wildly optimistic, and hence irresponsibly unrealistic, best-case assumptions, any policy that is designed to secure Israel’s minimal security requirements will preclude the establishment of a viable Palestinian state. Consequently, any endeavor to realistically provide Israel with minimal security will be perceived as illegitimate. Accordingly, by accepting the admissibility of a Palestinian state, one necessarily admits the inadmissibility of measures required to ensure Israeli security.

Conversely, measures required to ensure Israeli security necessarily negate the viability of a Palestinian state.The inevitable conclusion must therefore be that for Israel to secure conditions that adequately address its minimal security requirements, the Palestinian narrative, and the aspirations that flow from it, must be delegitimized

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For most people that is not all that difficult to follow, but it certainly is not simple by any definition of the term.

Conversely, Dershowitz chose to take action on restarting the peace talks by sending Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Dershowitz was quoted saying, “Maybe if they both get a good laugh, they can begin a negotiating process.”

It is still unclear whether Dershowitz was trying his hand as a satirist or has simply lost his mind.

In any event, perhaps the geniuses aren’t needed to clearly see that there never was, is not now, and never will be a Two State Solution simply because the Palestinians (and the rest of the Arab world) do not want one.

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Moment Magazine recently published a symposium that included of the “cream of the academic crop” on the topic, “Is the Two State Solution Dead?” and just three of the sixteen “brilliant” interviewees had the courage to admit that it never existed in the first place. It has been pushed mainly by liberal Americans and the liberal media world-wide, and its reason for not existing is due to Palestinian disinterest and misconduct. That was the position of Dani Dayan, Efraim Karsh, and Noam Chomsky … just kidding … and Danny Danon.

Perhaps there are simpler algorithms than Sherman’s, yet less moronic than the Dershowitz proposition.

Perhaps the proof that the Palestinians (and the rest of the Arab world) do not want peace is right before our eyes. Forget about recent history (Camp David, Oslo, etc.), those arguments are already outdated, apparently. Instead, simply focus on the daily headlines picked up by every major news outlet from every corner of the earth, and more importantly, the ones that are not.

In his seemingly weekly visit to the region since being named Secretary of State, John Kerry received Bibi’s assurance that Israel will find a way back to the negotiating table. This will no doubt dominate news headlines. The week before that settlement building and its tremendous burden on the peace process graced the front pages of every section dealing with the Middle East conflict.

As a side note, why not report on the slaughter in Syria, you might ask. Perhaps because everyone knows it is not going anywhere any time soon (although it is important to note that Syria is gearing up to pull the always classic Arab maneuver of having their fight spill over into Israel, forcing Israel to respond, and thus diverting attention away from the real issues occurring within their own borders), and thus it can be pushed to the next news cycle. 

Forget this picture!

John Kerry and Binyamin Netanyahu meeting in Jerusalem, May 23, 2013. Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post

Now let us take a peek at two headlines that received very little face-time this week. One was an article in the Jerusalem Post reporting, “Hamas textbooks to teach about ‘liberation plans.” No other legitimate news outlet saw fit to report that “the new books … for grades 8-10” will “teach children about plans to liberate Palestine and the legitimacy and various forms of resistance against Israel” (i.e., terrorism).

Instead it is far more important for the world to know Larry David, a man known for being possibly the worst human being alive, can be an inspiration to the peace process. If only Jimmy Carter were a Seinfeld fan! But then again Jerry was Jewish, so there’s that.

A second headline that was reported only by Israel National News was, “Arabs Fly Nazi Flag Near Hebron.” The flagrantly despicable flag was visible to “hundreds of residents of Gush Etzion” and, as one shocked resident put it, “The Arabs no longer feel the need to hide their murderous tendencies, announcing out loud that they wish to annihilate us”.

Ingrain this picture into your brain!

A close-up of the Nazi flag. Photo: Shneior Nachum Sochat/ Tazpit News Agency.

You don’t have to be a genius to see the real truth here. These are pictures, so you don’t even have to be literate.

The Two State Solution is not dead, because it never existed and it never will. You can be the dumbest person in the world and still know that it that is true!


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