When Thomas Friedman Outed Thomas Friedman

If Thomas Friedman would have read what he had wrote just four days earlier perhaps he could hide his anti-Israel agenda a bit better. Photo: AP

ISRAEL, May 12, 2013 - New York Time’s Columnist Thomas L. Friedman is either tremendously confused, nefariously deceitful or perhaps both.

There is no denying the man’s high level of intelligence, but his integrity and seemingly obsessive agenda to place the  lions-share of the blame of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the ‘settlers’ of Israel calls his integrity into question.

The reason confusion as a possibility for Mr. Friedman (although many who have have been reading him with clenched tenth for long enough to know he no longer deserves it) is a superb article he wrote immediately after the Boston Bombings.

That article was well-thought out, honest and factual.

In the aforementioned article, Friedman, in perhaps one of his only non-agenda driven pieces, asked in dismay why we routinely accept US and Israeli intervention in the Middle East as an appropriate excuse given for radical Islamic terror. “This is a popular meme among radical Muslim groups, and, to be sure, some Muslim youths were deeply angered by the U.S. interventions in the Middle East,” Friedman writes in consternation, “the brothers Tsarnaev may have been among them. But what in God’s name does that have to do with planting a bomb at the Boston Marathon and blowing up innocent people? It is amazing to me how we’ve come to accept this non sequitur and how easily we’ve allowed radical Muslim groups and their apologists to get away with it.”

It is a fantastic question that NO ONE, including Thomas L. Friedman himself, on the American, Israeli, and European left EVER have the courage or integrity to ask.

Contrast Mr. Friedman’s rare moment of clarity with an article he posted just four days prior. In an article entitled “Goodbye to All That” Tommy Boy laments the resignation of Palestinian Authority Prime Minister, and the left-wing’s twisted poster child for a moderate, Salam Faayyad.

Friedman, in his far more common one-sided tone, opens his article explaining why the loss of Fayyad is detrimental because the PA PM was “the ‘Arab Spring’ before there was an Arab Spring.”

This article was written just a few weeks ago but it has long since been accepted that there was no Arab “Spring” but in fact a bitter winter. Even bizzaro-Thomas himself admits this in his accidentally factual article, writing “moreover, some 70,000 people, most of them Muslims, have been killed by other Muslims in the Syrian civil war, which the U.S. had nothing to do with…every week innocent Muslims are blown up by Muslim suicide bombers in Pakistan and Iraq — every week. Thousands of them have been maimed and killed in attacks so nihilistic that the bombers don’t even bother to give their names or make demands.

Yet this does not appear to have moved the brothers Tsarnaev one iota. Why is that?…We must ask a question only Muslims can answer: What is going on in your community that a critical number of your youth believes that every American military action in the Middle East is intolerable and justifies a violent response, and everything Muslim extremists do to other Muslims is ignorable and calls for mostly silence?”

Why indeed Thomas?

As Friedman continues his pathetic praise for the terrorist-supporting Fayyad, he notes “Hamas hated Fayyad, and many Palestinian Authority officials were jealous of him, but success protected him until 2011. President Mahmoud Abbas, frustrated by the right-wing Israeli government’s refusal to strike a land-for-peace deal, decided to seek recognition of Palestinian statehood at the United Nations. The United States retaliated by cutting off aid, and Israel did so by withholding Palestinian tax receipts. I thought it foolish for Abbas to go to the U.N., but I thought it irresponsible for America’s Congress to cut off aid to the Palestinians for doing so — when we’ve never retaliated for the even more obstructionist building of settlements by Israel.”

How on G-d’s green earth can a man who has clearly pointed out that there is a systematic, institutionalized culture of breeding a hate for the West and its allies so strong and ruthless that it leads to the slaughter of thousands of innocents world-wide, turn around and claim that a number of Israelis who are trying to build houses where they believe their entitled to live is the GREATER impediment to peace?!

Settlements are not, were not and never will be an obstacle to peace. It is impossible for there to be an obstacle to peace when there is no peace to be had. Fayyad the ‘great moderate’ didn’t want it, Abbas the ‘so-so’ moderate doesn’t want it, and their predecessor and noble peace-prize winning arch-terrorist role model Yasser Arafat never wanted it and if proof is desired just listen to the words they say to their own people in Arabic.

If a man of Thomas Friedman’s intellect continues to bang the absurd drum of the ‘evil settler’ conspiracy, something Friedman himself subscribes to, writing “Israeli settlers are…really happy today. Fayyad’s aim to build a decent Palestinian state in the West Bank, at peace with Israel, was a huge threat to…them. They…prefer permanent struggle so they both can claim there is no one to talk to on the other side and, therefore, they never have to change policies”, in light of his OWN ADMISSION four days later that Islam has a deeply twisted and ingrained educational flaw which automates hate for America and Israel no matter what the reality on the ground is than only one conclusion can be drawn.

On the morning of April 27, 2013 Thomas L. Friedman must have bumped his head and accidentally wrote an article that was not agenda-driven and somewhat enlightening.

In light of his ode to Fayyad, and his countless other Israel-hating pieces, it must be concluded that he is not in the least bit confused, but in fact a ultra-liberal agenda-driving mouthpiece for the anti-Israel lobby.

His writings are dishonest and no matter how much international acclaim he may curry, he is nothing more than a weapon against his own people all in the name of ‘hope’, ‘change’ and ‘peace’; perhaps the three most dangerous words of the last century.


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