It can happen here: Anti-Semitism alive and well in the U.S.

From Europe to the USA, Jew and non-Jew alike would be remiss to assume old-fashioned Anti-Semitism is a thing of the past. Photo:

ISRAEL, June 1, 2013 — There has been a recent outburst of blogs on the Israeli news website ‘Times of Israel’ debating the correct attitude American Zionists should hold towards the land of Israel.

While the young Anglo community living in Israel did what it usually does, firing off a plethora of responses, responses to responses and agreements and disagreements to responses of responses, not many new views were expressed during this seemingly monthly occurrence over at the Times.

However, one particular statement did stand out among the regular drivel. In a terribly misguided response to a girl who felt torn between her allegiances to both the U.S. and Israel, infamous (and absurd) provocateur, Aryeh Younger wrote “For myself and many other American Orthodox Jews, I know this to be hardly the case. Our decision to remain in America rests on the fact that we identify ourselves firmly as Americans. We don’t view living in America as a timid compromising of ideals; we see it as an ideal in it of itself… For me and many other American Orthodox Jews, we proudly see America as our homeland. We believe that American culture is our culture—and certainly Jewish culture has contributed to it.”

This jibes with the far too common refrain from Jews that Jews will always be comfortable in the United States, accepted within the community and no threats to their safety will ever reach them within the all-accepting bastion of liberal confines of the good ol’ U S of A. Israel is nice, they maintain, to visit and to have and to sometimes go to banquets in honor of, but its existence as a safe haven for all Jews is hardly a necessity.

1930’s Eastern European Jewry is calling… they would like their rhetoric back.

Younger and his ilk refuse to see that anti-Semitism is very much alive, even in (gasp!) Western Democracies, and that there will come a time when Israel will be the only place for a Jew, self-identified or not, to turn.

‘Where is the proof?’ you ask. Let us look at recent events.

This week in one of Norway’s leading newspapers, Dagbladet, this cartoon was published.

The woman says to entering policemen, “Mistreating? No, this is tradition, an important part of our belief!” The police say, “Belief? Oh yes, then it is all right.” Photo: Dagbladet

This obvious blood-libel against the Jews, excused by the editor as “not as criticism of either a specific religion or a nation [but] as a general criticism of religions,” a hard excuse to swallow considering the rabbi jabbing a pitchfork into the child’s head.

But that is Norway! That would never happen in an Anglo community right?


Just a few months ago Britain’s Sunday Times published this cartoon:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu building a wall with Palestinian blood and bodies. Photo: Sunday Times

“The cartoon appeared a day after a British parliamentarian was forced to apologize after he used his blog to criticize Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, accusing “the Jews” of perpetrating daily atrocities and drawing parallels with the Nazi Holocaust of World War II.”

But England has had a growing problem of anti-Semitism that is hardly a secret! What does that have to do with our homeland, the pluralistic all-accepting United States of America?


For the past few years an organization known as MGMBill, an organization trying to push a bill to end Male Genital Mutilation in the U.S., has been gaining steam in liberal corners of America. Its strongest support has come from San Francisco and San Diego. While a cursory look at their main website could lead one to believe that there are no sinister anti-Semitic undertones but simply concerned parents who believe circumcision is medically and psychologically detrimental, a deeper look exposes the uglier side of MGMBill’s agenda.

In efforts to raise awareness MGMBill has released a series of (surprise) cartoons, esoterically named after its hero, “Foreskin Man”.

Perhaps Foreskin Man’s resemblance to a “Ubermensch” Aryan g-d is coincidental.

It’s not, but the argument can be made. That is until a deeper look into the characters of “Foreskin Man” is taken. Aside from the incredibly anti-Semitic cover of Issue Number 2, an almost exact carbon copy of the Norway cartoon.

There are the viciously Jew-hating-inspired characters such as Monster Mohel and his evil posse.

Hitler and Goebbels would be bowing and screaming “We’re not worthy”.

Let me reiterate that this did not originate in Norway, the UK, or some Arab land. It came straight from the West Coast!

Anti-Semitism is alive and well in the USA and it would behoove every person, Jew and non-Jew alike, living within its borders to wake up and see that we are slowly heading down an all too familiar path that ends with nothing but destruction, tragedy and regret.

Monster Mohel and his motley crew! Photo: MGMBill.og/

Younger foolishly asserts that Israel is beloved by American Jews only “because it is a democracy in a region that rejects it. Israel is a bastion of our liberal values and, despite occasionally serious problems in the way it conducts itself, it is leagues ahead of its neighbors.” This is grossly misleading and sadly misguided.  

Israel must be beloved, and more importantly, supported, because even if you are free to criticize it now from afar, when the rest of the world turns on the Jews (and if history is any indicator it will) Israel will still accept you and protect you even if you don’t deserve it.

Israel is every Jew’s homeland; the hope is that it does not take another mass slaughter to bring that awareness to the Jewish communities abroad.

America as a whole needs to open its eyes to the growing Jew hating that is permeating its society and take a stand before it is too late…again.


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