2013 MLB All-Star Game and the Middle East peace process are doomed

Bochy's refusal to put Puig on the All Star roster strongly resembles Kerry's refusal to place the onus of peace on the Palestinians. Photo: mlb.com

ISRAEL, July 14, 2013 — Bruce Bochy is being either petty or shortsighted. In either case, the Major League Baseball fans will be the ones who suffer when the 2013 All-Star Game takes place at Citi Field in New York on Wednesday.

Despite a major clamoring from fans all around the league to get Dodger rookie phenom Yasiel Puig into the midsummer classic, notwithstanding the small sample-size thus far (he will have only played in 39 games by the break),

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National League All Stars Manager Bochy refuses to hop on the bandwagon. He told Los Angeles Daily News reporter J.P. Hoornstra on SeriusXM Radio:

“I’ve got to be honest here, that would be really hard for me to consider that… I guess there was somebody who wrote they would like to see him there and that he deserves to go because this game is for the fans and they want to see not just the best players, but the most interesting or intriguing players. I would have a hard time picking somebody who has been here three weeks, to be honest. The numbers would have to be so stupid that you say, ‘Ok I’ll consider it.’ But, you know, I couldn’t take away from a player who has been here and done it the whole half and been out there grinding every day and he doesn’t go. I couldn’t look at that player. I couldn’t look at myself, to be honest. So that’s why I’m saying, that’s a really long shot.”

There are two possible reasons Bochy has come to this decision.

The first is that Bochy, manager of the Dodger’s longtime archrivals, the San Francisco Giants, is being petty and refusing to put Puig on the roster to appease the Giants faithful while spiting the greater fan base and Major League Baseball.

The second possibility is that Bochy is honestly looking at the numbers and thinking that a player with just 39 games under his belt does not deserve a spot on the All Star roster. This is shortsighted however because the All Star Game, a joke ever since Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig declared a tie in the 2002 game in Milwaukee and then decided to fix it by making it decide home field advantage for the WORLD SERIES, has lost sight of what the midsummer festivities are all about.

The game used to be about fun for the fans. Period. Anyone who needs a reminder of how fun All Star week can be just needs to watch some old videos of Ken Griffey Jr. at the Home Run Derby.

Right now, deserving or not from a statistical perspective, Yasiel Puig is the most exciting player in baseball. He has also propelled the Dodgers from the cellar of the National League West to just a few games out of first place. Fans from every corner of the earth tune in when he is up to bat in hopes of catching a glimpse of the drama and flare the Cuban rookie has brought to the game. If Bochy is not being bias due to his Giants affiliation than, at the best, he is failing to understand what the entire game is about.

Bochy is not alone in his poor decision-making.

United States Secretary of State John Kerry is set to make his sixth trip to the Middle East this week to, once again, attempt to restart the ‘peace talks’.

It is unclear if Kerry and Bochy spoke to each other but the similarities in their thought processes are astounding and tremendously worrisome.

Kerry continues to insist Israel must make unilateral moves to bring the Palestinians back to the table despite their clear refusal to negotiate in any way, shape or form for the past three decades.

This, again, may be attributed to two possible thought processes. Kerry, like Bochy, is either being bias or narrow minded.

Kerry comes from a long and infamous line of anti-Zionist Secretary of State who have shown an irrational disliking for the Jewish State. If Kerry’s ridiculous sixth trip since March is just a continuation of this prejudicial treatment towards Israel, he is damning a region ablaze with Islamic extremism just to stick it to the Jews yet again.

If, however, Kerry is being earnest and honestly thinks that the best course of action in the region is to continue pushing the long-defunct peace process, than he is absolutely missing the bigger Middle East picture.

The death toll in Syria is reaching astronomical numbers, Jordan is struggling mightily thanks to all of the Syrian refugees rushing their borders, Lebanon is run by the terrorist group Hezbollah and Egypt has just undergone another military coup. However, if Kerry, in his shortsightedness, figures that since Israel is the only sane actor in the region that he can talk to, and is the only actor who has EVER expressed any real interest in making peace, his best chances of making any progress worth mentioning (which President Obama, who is currently keeping a low profile on the issue, will no doubt claim credit for) than he is failing to see what the region is truly all about.

The Middle East is not about hugs, rainbows and peace accords, no matter how badly the liberal left wants it to be. Unfortunately, history has proven the region is about aggressiveness and iron-fisted policies. Anyone who needs a reminder of this just needs to watch some old videos of the second intifada, where Palestinians gleefully lynched Israeli soldiers in the street.


Both Bochy and Kerry are playing in the big leagues but both fail to understand what the greater public, or in Kerry’s situation, the world, wants and needs. Therefore, if they continue their asinine stances they will both strike out. Time for them to step up to the plate and do the right thing.


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