While Egypt and Syria burn, Obama is Arsonist in Chief

Obama had a role in the Mideast descending into flames, yet continues to play with matches in a highly flammable region. Photo: AP Photo/Heba Khamis

ISRAEL August 25, 2013 — The Obama administration has been relentless in pushing Israel to sit down with the uninterested and virtually powerless Palestinian Authority. Recent events show just how inept the Administration has been in the Middle East.

Egypt is currently embroiled in the third violent overthrow of its leadership in the past three years. While the army seeks to stabilize the population in Cairo, nationwide the Muslim Brotherhood-backed rebels have been attacking the Christian Egyptian population, murdering, among others, a little girl on her way home from Bible study at her uncle’s parish and setting ablaze over 50 churches.

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President Obama delivered his “landmark” Middle East speech in Cairo when he first took office. In it he distanced the U.S. from Israel and apologized to the Arab world for the policies of self-protection enacted by the Bush Administration. He has already chosen the wrong side once, backing the Brotherhood’s overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak, and has remained silent since, presumably because the reality on the ground has forced him to admit that he knows nothing about Egypt. 

Syria has descended into chaos as well. President Bashar Assad, facing fierce opposition by the rebels in his country has unleashed, more than once, chemical weapon attacks on his own people, a previously stated “red line” for the United States.

Reports have been rampant that the United States will respond militarily to these acts of indiscriminate murder. The U.S. Navy has stationed ships near Israel in case a strike against Syria becomes necessary. However, instead of leading the charge against the dictator in Damascus, Obama hedged, telling CNN Friday that, “if the U.S. goes in and attacks another country without a U.N. mandate and without clear evidence that can be presented, then there are questions in terms of whether international law supports it.”

Obama is waiting for the approval of the most corrupt international organization in the history of the world to approve of his Syria strike. This is probably because Obama once officially backed the rebels, going so far as to supply them arms and training, only to discover that he had no idea who he was handing weapons over to.. Reality on the ground has forced him to admit that he knows nothing about Syria. 

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Missiles have been fired from southern Egypt into Israel. Lebanon, the Hezbollah puppet-state, launched rockets into northern Israel last week. If America attacks Syria, it is Israel that will be attacked in retaliation. Obama has played a large part in setting the Middle East on fire and it is Israel that is constantly getting burned. 

What does Obama do next? He ties up Israel, the only democracy and American strategic ally in the region, in an aimless peace process with a partner that has never shown a desire for peace. Israel needs to focus on protecting itself on multiple fronts.

If history is any indicator, chaos in the Arab States only stops when they all decide to attack a common enemy, Israel. It is partially Obama’s fault that they are all aflame, and it is Obama’s fault that Israel has been distracted thus far with a pointless attempt to curry favor with an international community that will never give approval. It should have been beefing up the leadership and the IDF in anticipation of what could be another multi-front war. 

The befuddling incompetence of this administration grows by the day as it continues to set fires and fails to put a single one out. Israel would be wise to ignore Obama, John Kerry, and any other U.S. diplomat who claims to know what is best for them in the region.

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The Americans don’t even know what is best for themselves in the region. They are clueless when it comes to the Arab-run Middle East. Israel must heed the words of Robert DeNiro’s Donald Rimgale in the classic movie Backdraft: “Alderman, I have an uncomplicated job: To determine if a fire is arson or not, and if so, to catch the son of a bitch doing it. And if my investigative methods happen to muck up the campaign of certain mayor wannabes, I gotta tell ya … I’m not gonna go losing any sleep over it.”

When a house is on fire, you don’t throw gasoline on the house next door. When an entire area is on fire, you don’t burn down the central fire station. 

Egypt is a house on fire; Israel is the house next door.

Syria is a house on fire; Israel is the house next door.

The Middle East is ablaze, and Israel is the central fire station.

The “Arab Spring” is a fire storm, and Obama is the arsonist who keeps adding fuel.


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