Free and Equal Prepares to "Rock the Nation Awake"

The final part of my interview with Free and Equal founder Christina Tobin. Photo: Free and Equal

WASHINGTON, May 12, 2013 – Free and Equal is an organization dedicated to the reformation of America’s electoral systems through the encouragement and support of third party and independent candidates, and their ideals. In the final part of my interview with founder Christina Tobin, we discuss Free and Equal’s upcoming event, and how the organization can assist the youth.

Kevin Kelly: Tell me a little bit about the event that you are planning in Arkansas.

Christina Tobin: “Rock the Nation Awake” is really our slogan for the United We Stand Festival. Dr. Ron Paul said it best, “If you’re ever going to bring about revolutionary change two things would have to be involved: the youth, and there would need to be music.” We have speakers like Jesse Ventura.

I think he’ll be coming down on a train or driven in…he doesn’t fly. Ralph Nader via social media, but he may come in person because Rocky Anderson has been confirmed. He’s good friends with Ralph.

Rocky Anderson was one of the four contenders that participated in our presidential debate last year, and I hope and I’m confident that the other three candidates will come on stage together in support of putting the Commission out of business.

KELLY: Anyone else?

Christina Tobin: Sheriff Richard Mack will be there. He fought the law and won back in the early ‘90s in the Supreme Court case… concealed carry…we can thank him for that lawsuit for upholding concealed carry and the right to bear arms. Larry Pratt, the executive director of Gun Owners of America, the only no compromise gun lobby in America according to Dr. Ron Paul, has been around 30 years and has 300,000 plus members.

Nineteen year old Dan Johnson, founder of People Against The NDAA started in January, now having 60 chapters, will be speaking. What better than to have a nineteen year old kid stand up in front of 13,000 people and say “I did it, you can do it.” Ben Swann, everybody knows Ben Swann in the Liberty Movement, and Amber Lyon, former CNN reporter…honest media. And the music will be so great. We have Jordan Page, Tatiana Moroz, Golden State Band recently featured on American Idol they did the song “Bombs -End this War.”

Imus-Zero will be an MC, we’re hoping that Joe Rogan will join her. This whole movement is about uniting honest media, leaders, organizations, and so on. A positive, powerful solution- based movement that will break the two party stranglehold and reform the electoral system. This is the kick off for us.

Kelly: With so much uncertainty in the world, what advice would you give to the young people of this nation/generation?

Tobin: I would say that history is on our side. Through the power of social media and technology anything is possible. Here’s this non-profit organization that went on to hold a debate that had over 20 million views, broke through to a certain extent, mainstream media by essentially creating our own media… so many times people said to me throughout the decades “there’s no way that you can do it,” and I always had a never give up mentality.

Kelly: How do you do keep that pace?

Tobin: You’ve got to be relentless, believe. When you believe in something so much you never give up. What I would tell the youth is that the future is in their hands, and the races in 2014 are the most crucial time that we could ever have in our history of  running and flooding races across the spectrum to replace D’s and R’s alike and take back our government.

This movement will be there to support them, to aid them, and to give them the resources directly and indirectly to win those races- to run on a platform of being against the NDAA, against the Patriot Act, drones, war, Drug War.  Coming together and uniting to make our world a better place is what we have to do, and the 18-28 year olds have to come out in full force.

Kelly: Any last words for the youth voters? 

Tobin: Here is a movement that will help them, inspire them, as well as many others. I would urge them to get involved not only with Free and Equal, but all of the Liberty Movement and educate themselves. Get involved because this is it. This is our final chance.    

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