Forward! Obama's gun control agenda

President Obama's Wednesday press conference was progressive liberalism on display: long on emotion and short on logic. Photo: Associated Press

COLORADO SPRINGS, Co., January, 18, 2013 ― President Obama’s Wednesday press conference was political theater at its best. The carefully-selected audience applauded at all the right moments. The reading of letters from children was classic heart-tugging emotionalism. A little girl wrote: “We are sad. We want everybody to be happy and safe.” How could we want anything else? Must we become like little children so that this never happens again?

Help us, Obi-Barack, you’re our only hope!

And so the man who favors abortion with no limits positions himself as Protector of the Children. We should never forget, however, that on that tragic day in December when 20 children died, 4,000 babies were aborted.

And every day since, four thousand more.

More than that, he has forced us all to be complicit in this greater mass murder. We are forced to buy government-approved insurance and that insurance must provide abortion services. There is no exception for individuals for conscience. For religious institutions, the only fig leaf is that they don’t pay directly.

Yet we are asked to believe that Obama, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein and progressives generally really care about our children, perhaps even more than we ourselves do.

The death of twenty children on a single day is tragic; the death of four thousand every day is a statistic. At least the twenty had a chance at life.

Wednesday we witnessed the abortion advocate surround himself with children in order to tug at our heart strings and make us ready to accept any solution he cared to offer, any solution that would make the pain go away, to make us happy and safe. The reality is, however, that by disarming law-abiding citizens, we will only ensure that more tragedies in schools, theaters, and malls will happen again.

Those who are parents know the innocence of our children and we want to maintain it for as long as possible. We want to shield them from the real world, which is not safe and in which all people are not happy all of the time. But we also recognize that sooner or later – hopefully later – they must learn, and learn to live with the reality of life. As momma used to say: Life isn’t fair. Life is tough, get over it.

She didn’t say that because she didn’t care about us, she said that because she knew that we would eventually grow up and we’d have to deal with it. We’d have to become adults.

Yet the man at the podium Wednesday and Biden before him didn’t want us to think, only to feel. And they didn’t want us to be adults, either; they wanted us to think like children and to rely on them as parents.

They wanted us to believe, to accept that the only solution to the problem of violence in society is for us to give up our personal defenses and rely on them alone. They wanted us to accept that government is the solution to all our problems.

They are wrong. If the world is a dangerous place, it does not become less dangerous when law-abiding citizens give up their right to bear arms. When seconds count, the police are minutes away. Connecticut may be the liberal’s poster child state for gun control laws and for gun-free school zones.

How did that work out for the children of Sandy Hook Elementary?

How did that work out for the school principal who courageously by vainly charged the gunman, unarmed? How different the outcome might have been were she armed and trained like the armed citizen in the Portland Mall who on December 12th prevented greater tragedy without even firing his concealed firearm.

You have likely never heard that about the Clackamas Mall shooting, which occurred two days before Sandy Hook. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

Our salvation does not come from government, it comes from God. He works through each of us, individually, whether we believe it or not.

This country was founded by people who believed in individual responsibility for our own actions. Adam Lanza is responsible for the murders at Sandy Hook, and him alone.

Does government have some responsibility protect us? Of course, but not everywhere and at all times unless we want government to become our omnipresent nanny. At times – at many times – we have to accept adult responsibilities to take care of ourselves, our families and others entrusted to our care.

Sometimes we delegate that responsibility to government. The Constitution sets a pretty good balance between the rights of the people and the duties of the states and the federal government. Let’s work within those boundaries instead of progressively trying to obliterate them.

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