Colorado Democrats wage a real war against women

Democrats continue their disinformation campaign in the Colorado recalls Photo: Propaganda poster (Business Insider)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., August 22, 2013 — The defense of Colorado Senators Morse and Giron took another weird turn for the worse this week. A front group posing as a polling company has used a new tactic in their war on Colorado women.

Last night the chair of the Pueblo Republican Party received an irate call from Chris [last name omitted], whose wife had just received a call from a “polling company.”

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The caller stated they were a local polling company conducting a poll regarding the recall election. 

The phone number was from a Pasadena, California area code.  

After several generic recall questions, the caller asked Emily if she had ever had an abortion or a miscarriage. The caller then proceeded to tell her that if George Rivera—running to replace Angela Giron if she is recalled—is elected, George would see to it that she would be turned into the police for investigation if she had ever had an abortion or miscarriage.

Emily was understandably highly upset by this line of questioning into her private affairs. Her husband Chris took the phone and proceeded to tell the person to never call again.

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Unbelievably, they called right back and tried to argue the point!

Women across party lines should be outraged by such lies and interrogations into their personal history. Unfortunately, this kind of tactic plays into the naiveté and credulity of young women.

The theme is the familiar Democrat narrative that Republicans and conservatives are waging a war on women. By this they mean that conservatives want to forbid women from having abortions under any circumstances.

In their campaign to give abortion on demand at taxpayer expense, these leftists have portrayed pregnancy as a medical condition akin to a disease, a fetus as a “tissue mass” and anyone who opposes abortion as denying a woman the right to medical treatment.

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Coming from this perspective they strongly oppose the personhood movement, which seeks to treat an unborn child as a person from the moment of conception.

Both positions are extreme; most people’s opinion will fall somewhere in between.

In TV ads in Colorado Springs, Democrat front groups have claimed Republican Bernie Herpin is for the personhood movement. When Amendment 62 was up for a vote in 2010, Herpin did not endorse it.

The group sponsoring the ads has been called on to remove them.

Now they are claiming George Rivera favors personhood. Again, they’re lying.

Rivera has never before run for political office and so could not possibly have publically endorsed the amendment. His current campaign website speaks nothing about abortion or personhood.

There is absolutely nothing to suggest that he would, or would not, favor it.

But the lie gets worse. The tactic is subtle. The recipient of these calls is led down a path that doesn’t exist.

The logic is this: if Angela Giron is recalled, and if George Rivera is elected to replace her, and if somehow a personhood law were passed, then the female listener is told that Rivera—a legislator, not a law enforcement officer—will see to it that she is prosecuted for having had a miscarriage or abortion at some time in the past.


Leave aside the question of miscarriage for the moment, which is only used to bring up emotions of regret and perhaps guilt. The idea that anyone could be prosecuted for actions that occurred prior to a law being passed is absurd.

Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution states, in part, that: “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.”

An ex post facto law is one in which a person could be punished for something they had done before the law was passed. It would seem that the perpetrators of this scheme are ignorant of the Constitution or at least believe their target audience is.

Because ex post facto laws are unconstitutional, the magazine ban law that Morse and Giron passed could not retroactively outlaw magazines before it came into effect on July 1.

Instead, they wrote the law so that people could not transfer any magazines they already owned.

Now that they are being recalled, they and their surrogate 527 organizations are attempting to divert attention from the arrogant way they have ruled over the people instead of listening to them.

Are Giron and Morse directing these supposedly-independent groups? Probably not. They are as much the puppets of those funding these outside groups as the groups themselves are.

A partial picture of how this all operates can be seen in the 2009 book The Blueprint.

Having bought and paid for Colorado, the billionaires of The Blueprint, Michael Bloomberg, Organizing for America, and other left-wing groups will stop at nothing to keep it.

Lies, intimidation, fear and deception. It’s all they have.

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