The Colorado model of gun control

Obama takes a victory lap to mixed reviews Photo: UPI - Obama speaks in Denver

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., April 8, 2013 — Barack Obama came to Colorado Wednesday to celebrate the victory of Democrats in enacting gun control legislation. He spoke at the Denver police training academy, backed by a wall of Denver police officers. He touted the passage of these bills as a model for gun control legislation across the nation.

However, a Denver police spokesman questioned the propriety of using officers as props for Obama’s speech.

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Sheriffs were not amused either. Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith dismissed the visit as “a victory lap” and “a slap in the face to all Coloradans.”

The scenario is becoming common: Obama makes a speech backed by armed government officials, highlighting the stark difference between those armed government officials behind him and the citizenry in front of him who he intends to disarm. This is the New Colorado Model.

Consider the background of how those bills were passed. Passage was carefully orchestrated so that they could be passed in minimum time. Half were introduced in the House and half in the Senate. Even that wasn’t fast enough: testimony in committee should have lasted several days for each bill to accommodate all those who wanted to testify; instead, the bills were divided by committee so that two were heard at a time in two shifts per day. All the testimony was crammed into two days. There weren’t even enough committee rooms, so the Supreme Court chamber was pressed into service.

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Despite overwhelming citizen and sheriff opposition, almost all the bills were passed. Only outrageously insensitive and callous comments by Democrats doomed the concealed carry on campus bill.

In sum, a Democrat-controlled legislature single-handedly muscled through a series of unconstitutional and unenforceable infringements on the people’s right to bear arms, against their will. Senate President John Morse went on national television to tell everyone that he counseled “his senators” to ignore the voices of their constituents.

That’s a model to follow?

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO5) gets it. “He’s seizing upon laws that are extremely controversial, that passed without Republican support and created a backlash among the populous,” Lamborn said. “And that, somehow, is a model for going forward?”

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Consider the effects so far. The new laws offer no additional protection to anyone. As if to underline the point that criminals will still have guns, the head of Colorado’s Department of Corrections was murdered by a white supremacist whose father, it turns out, is a good friend of Governor Hickenlooper.

Congresswoman Diana DeGette (D-CO1) says ― speaking on a panel on the same day Obama is in town ― that the magazine ban is good because over time people will fire the magazines and use them up. People in the room either laugh or gasp at the depth of her ignorance. Later, she says she misspoke: She should have said “clips” instead of “magazines.”

You just can’t make this stuff up.

It is absolutely amazing that Democrat legislators can be so zealous in wanting to pass laws that they do not comprehend. These are not leaders.

The biggest effect of this model of legislative behavior has been to awaken more citizens to the tyrannical nature of this party and its agenda. Recall efforts are already under way for Sen. Morse and others. With luck in timing, the senator may be recalled before the laws go into effect July 1st.

Recall is a mild form of punishment. The Executive Security Unit of the Colorado State Patrol has heard that some members of the senate have expressed a heightened interest in their personal safety.

After all the new gun laws, they feel less safe?

Here’s a thought: do the will of the people and you will have no thought for the safety of your job, your life or your property. And take comfort in the fact that all of the recent mass killers in Arizona, Colorado and Connecticut were either registered Democrats or came from families that are.

Let all Americans learn the lesson of the Colorado Model: elect a Democrat majority and they will represent The Party and its Agenda, not you.

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