Massacre at the Boston Marathon

Terrorism returns to American soil. Photo: AP

COLORADO SPRINGS,  April 15, 2013 — Get used to it. Israelis have been living with this kind of terrorism for decades. The policies of this and the previous administrations have all but insured that Americans will become targets on American soil.

As of this writing, reports are that 12 were killed and more than 140 injured when two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

A 20-year old Saudi man is “of interest” but not yet under arrest.  He is in the hospital among the injured..

Reporters live on television were asked by other journalists whether this was an act of terrorism.

Of course it is. It is the essence and the very definition of terrorism. It makes no sense to Americans. Why target the innocent?

That’s the whole point.

Terrorism is about creating fear, panic, and a sense that nothing can be done to protect oneself.

Historians often point to the assassination of a French official in Marseilles in the late nineteenth century by an Algerian nationalist as the first act of terror in the modern era.

Neither that act nor the assassinations of Czar Alexander II and the Archduke Ferdinand were acts of terror. They were political assassinations directed against leaders who were visible symbols of state power.

Terrorism is about victimizing the innocent, thereby also making a political statement.

In addition to showing hatred of a political system, terrorism tells the population they are not safe, that their government cannot protect them.

The recent spate of anti-gun legislation will only heighten that sense of fear and helplessness as people are denied the means of protecting themselves. Maybe being armed in a situation like today’s wouldn’t actually help. but it might, and the psychological effect is vastly different.

Admiral Yamamoto, the Japanese architect of Pearl Harbor, is reported to have remarked that he would never invade the continental United States because there would be a rifleman behind every blade of grass.

In Switzerland, every male is a member of the military either actively or in reserve. All Swiss receive arms and training. Switzerland is one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

It has not been invaded for centuries.

The Swiss confederation was the model for the Founders when they envisioned the militia. On the frontier in Colonial times, every male over 18 was required to own a firearm and know how to use it. In every conflict before the French and Indian War, the colonies had defended themselves with militias locally raised.

The Second Amendment is about our God-given right to self-defense, both individually and collectively. Progressives who argue that the amendment applies only collectively are wrong, and the Supreme Court told them so.

A military force is designed to protect from an outside invasion. A police force is designed to protect from criminals. Neither is designed to protect from terrorism; neither can at all times and in all places.

Terrorism arose in the post-World War II era because the populace is the target. In a democracy, the people ultimately rule. It no longer achieves the terrorist’s goals to assassinate a political leader: we simply elect another one.

But when terrorists randomly kill civilians, eventually the people pressure political leaders to “do something.”

This is where our government has failed since 9-11. It has done too many things wrong. It has refused to see radical Islam as the threat. We strip-search law-abiding Americans to prove we have no clue as to who commits acts of terror.

We declare “Al-Qaeda” and “the Taliban” the enemy instead, and claim victory when we kill their leaders.

When we catch terrorists in the act on American soil, we call it workplace violence and treat it as a crime.

We give Palestinians and Somalis refugee status and we allow them, along with other Muslim people, to build mosques where radical Islamic hatred for America is preached.

That is not to say that there are not religious freedom and tolerance issues involved because there are. They are the same issues that have been faced by western states for hundreds of years.

John Locke was clear: when a religion advocates the overthrow of the state, it should not be tolerated.

We don’t even know where we stand because political correctness forbids even the discussion of it. Unless we can have honest and open debate about terrorism, we won’t be able to make the kinds of decisions needed for our long-term security.

And if we can’t, then we will have to get used to terrorism on American soil.

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