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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., April 14, 2013 — Under the guise of modernizing the elections processes and increasing voter turnout, Democrats have submitted a bill that will leave the state wide open to fraud. House Bill 1303 was written completely in secret by House Democrats — no surprise in this increasingly radical one-party state government — without the input of the Secretary of State’s office or any of the 64 county clerk and recorder offices who oversee elections.

The bill is 126 pages long and completely re-writes election law in Colorado, creating a permanent system of fraudulent elections.

Just as with House Bill 10-0917 exactly three years ago, this bill introduces same-day voter registration and all mail-in ballot elections. But there is much more.

Sponsors of the bill claim that both methods increase voter participation. In fact, it is a recipe for fraud and creates problems where there are none now.

Colorado had the third highest turnout nationwide last year, according to the Secretary of State’s office which conducted extensive post-election interviews and public hearings in 31 of the state’s counties.

An all-mail election actually lowers turnout. According to a recent study, when all-mail balloting was implemented, the estimated odds of an individual registrant voting decreased by 13.2 percent. Far from “fixing” turnout, this bill is worsens it.

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Participation increases not when voting is made “easier,” but when voters feel elections are fair.

Same-day registration also increases voter fraud. In Colorado, you can prove your eligibility to vote simply by showing a utility bill; no further proof of eligibility or identification is required. Democrats have consistently voted down voter-ID proposals.

How does this lead to fraud? Steal a utility bill, show up to vote. Election judges are required to take your ballot. Today those ballots are “provisional;” that is, they are not counted right away but are examined only if the vote is close enough that the number of provisional ballots might make a difference.

Under this new law, those ballots will be real. Illegal voters are rarely, if ever, prosecuted by district attorneys.

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If this bill becomes law, prosecution will be even less likely. In one very telling portion of the bill, vote fraud is reduced from a crime to a misdemeanor. The word crime is boldly crossed out:


The intention is pretty clear from that change alone. But there is yet more.

The bill eliminates the category of “inactive voter,” requiring mail ballots to be sent to addresses that have not participated in the voting process in several years. These ballots can be fraudulently returned, causing serious issues of ballot verification.

The residency requirement is reduced from 30 days to 22. A subtle change in the voter’s affidavit is from “I am a resident of the state of Colorado” to “I have been a resident…”

So if you’ve ever lived in Colorado for twenty-two days, come on back and vote!

These provisions and others allow for a person willing to break voter laws to vote in any district and in as many districts as they like. In states where these laws are in place, people are bussed from location to location to vote multiple times.

The many methods of vote fraud are simply incomprehensible to the ordinary American, who is both honest and trustworthy. For an eye-opening experience, read John Fund’s comprehensive book, Stealing Elections.

Not one person asked for all-mail ballots or same-day registration. But many expressed concerns about current election safeguards.

With same-day voter registration, all mail-in ballots and reduced penalties for fraud, Colorado will have no way to verify a person’s identity, whether someone is a non-citizen, or whether someone voted in another state. Under this bill, Colorado’s election officials won’t even be able to verify current felons or deceased voters.

All of these sources are used by those who commit vote fraud to stuff the ballot box.

As if all this isn’t enough, there is still more.

The bill creates an 11-member technology commission to advise on the best way to conduct elections. The members come from a variety of sources, but guarantee at least six seats to Democrats. Recommendations will be made to change how votes are recorded and counted in both the 2014 and 2016 elections.

As Stalin supposedly said, “He who votes decides nothing. He who counts the votes decides everything.” The authors of this bill have taken Stalin’s advice to heart.

This is one bill every American should oppose, regardless of political affiliation.


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