Sandy Hook, Newtown: Proof that unstoppable evil exists

Secular progressives don't understand why things like this happen. They believe that the murderer committed murder because he had a gun. Photo: Associated Press

COLORADO SPRINGS,  December 16, 2012 — The radio announcer on NPR asked why this tragedy occurred. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper immediately called for a gun control debate in our state, despite the fact that Connecticut has strict gun control measures already.

Progressive gun control advocates took not hours but minutes to politicize this tragedy, calling for an “assault gun” ban despite the fact that only handguns were used.

The tragedy in Connecticut happened because there is evil in the world.

Secularists can’t seem to understand or admit this. There is evil in all of us, the result of original sin. Sometimes the evil overcomes the good in us and this kind of tragedy results. It is not simply a mental illness; it is part of human nature.

The question that immediately comes to mind is, how do we prevent this kind of tragedy from ever happening again? The hard answer is that we can’t.

Disturbed individuals wishing to do harm to large numbers of innocent children have huge targets of opportunity in public school buildings. Every day the vast majority of the nation’s children are gathered in brick buildings with locked doors.

Liberal “zero tolerance” policies ensure that no one in the building has so much as a pocket knife for self-defense. There might be one guard, possibly armed. Those who plan evil know this.

We could add more layers of defense in typical reactive fashion. We could add barbed wire fences, more guards, inspect every car dropping children off or picking them up. We could expand the TSA and add checkpoints at the entrance to every school in the nation.

In short, we could turn our schools into prisons. After all, it’s for the children. No sacrifice is too great; no cost is too high.

Or we could simply eliminate the target. Technology makes it possible to deliver content remotely. There is no longer any real educational need for children to assemble in large numbers in costly, and vulnerable, school buildings.

Studies and tests prove that home-schooled children perform better than public school educated children anyway. This solution would solve once and for all the problem of school violence.

But that is not a reasonable solution. Not all parents are equipped to be home school educators. Not every family has the technology on the family table. Parents need to work in order to feed their children, not just stay home educating them. 

Eliminating public schools is the only solution that will work, and it will work about as well as banning guns.

When Lizzie Borden murdered her parents with an axe, we didn’t ban axes. When Timothy McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma federal building we didn’t ban fertilizer. This school tragedy is likewise no reason to ban guns. Persons intent on doing evil will find a way.

Unlike the NPR announcer, I won’t be wondering in anguish why this happened; I know why. And unlike secular progressives, I won’t be “keeping the victims in my thoughts,” that won’t help. I will pray instead.

We are better served by admitting that evil exists in the world than by pretending that we can make it go away by fiat. We are better served by teaching our children right from wrong. There is no government solution for this. Our salvation does not come from government, it comes from God.

That salvation came to us in the form of a baby born into humble circumstances. He did not grow up in a Roman state-sponsored school system. In this Christmas season, let us remember not only that Christ came to earth but also why. He came to save us from our sin. He is our savior.

In God we trust, and indeed we must. 

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