We are all Phil Robertson now

Prop. 8 spokesperson says the progressive left has turned America into a nation of sheep who voluntarily give up their God-given First Amendment rights. Photo: Prop 8 / AP

WASHINGTON, December 21, 2013 — With the onslaught of the media scandal involving Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, it’s become crystal clear to me that the Progressive left has turned America into a veritable nation of sheep. We are intimidated into keeping our mouths shut and sitting idly by while the media mafia trample our precious First Amendment rights.

I’m not simply jumping on the bandwagon of this latest scandal. I’ve walked a mile in Phil Robertson’s boots. I’m not just talking the talk. I have walked the walk.

Five years ago, I was the spokesperson for the landmark, controversial Prop. 8, and I endured the full gamut of the backlash that Phil Robertson is enduring now. The attacks came in all forms: accusations of bigotry, hate speech, even death threats. You name it, I received it.

The only difference between Phil Robertson and me — well, other than the beard — is that conservative blogs which exist to defend Phil Robertson today didn’t exist back then. There was no such thing as Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze, or Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy. Even Twitter was just a glimmer in Jack Dorsey’s eye. It was a lonely journey, and those of us who worked hard to pass Prop. 8 were pioneers, of sorts, on this journey.

Perhaps even more forcefully than Robertson is being told by A&E today, we were informed would never work again if we helped the passage of the marriage protection initiative. As the spokesperson for Prop. 8, I was warned numerous times that if I became too synonymous with supporting traditional values and traditional marriage, hence being seen as being anti-gay, that I would “never work in this town again.”  

Immediately following our victory at the ballot box, it rang true. Looking back now, I realize it was in fact more difficult to win contracts in the wake of Prop. 8, even though the majority of Californians had supported the measure at the ballot box. In fact, one of the chief strategists of Prop. 8 was threatened with the loss of a major national client in the wake of the election, and was only able to salvage the client when he agreed to split with his business parter so that his mere presence at the consulting firm wouldn’t serve as a distraction. So much for free speech in elections. He has now gone on to consult primarily on traditional marriage initiatives.

Enter irony.  

Supporters of gay marriage have become that which they hated. Gay advocates historically claimed they sought nothing more than simple equality and a fair opportunity to be heard. Now, gay activists have become precisely the thing they fought so hard against: people who allow no dissent, and no diversity of opinion. In fact, they’ve become precisely the rabid, hateful mobs they claimed they were fighting against.

We are all Phil Robertson now. Whether you’re a reality TV star or a mom picking up Christmas cards at the mailbox today, you are not allowed to speak out and voice your opinion. And that is a creeping violation of our fundamental First Amendment right. 

We Americans are idiots for letting progressives fool the public like this. 

Anyone who has studied political science understands that the playbook of progressives dictates that liberals accomplish one initial goal, then move on — “progress” — to more aggressive goals using the first goal as the foundation by which to accomplish all else. Progressives have done precisely this with the normalization of gay marriage, and have moved on to force the gay lifestyle to become pervasive in the rest of society.

Case in point: All of the predictions we made in 2008 during the Prop. 8 campaign have now come to fruition. We claimed that the very foundations of our nation — churches — would be threatened and litigated against, yet gay critics rebuffed that as silly campaign tactics; today, churches are getting sued for declining to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. We also highlighted new gay-sex education curriculum which was waiting in the wings; today, that curriculum has been passed even in battleground states such as Colorado.

We also suggested that small businesses would be sued for failing to supply gay ceremonies; today, family-owned bakeries in states such as Oregon are being sued simply because they decline the opportunity to bake wedding cakes for same-sex weddings. All of our predictions came true, just five years down the line.

With all of the talk about how popular the support for gay marriage is, the fact is 62 percent of Americans still believe marriage should be between one man and one woman. And I believe this majority of Americans, as evidenced by the backlash now against the A&E Network, is growing tired of progressivism being forced down their throats. 

Make no mistake, a showdown is coming. The battle may be waged on the TV dial, or at the ballot box next November, but the battle is coming. May the best values win.

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Jennifer Kerns is a writer/journalist and a GOP Media Strategist in the Western States region. She has served as Spokeswoman for the first-ever Colorado Recall elections, defeating the Democratic National Committee and New York mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors against Illegal Guns (MAIG) PAC in a battleground state.  She previously served as Spokeswoman for the California Republican Party, a political appointee of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the Spokeswoman for the historic Prop. 8 campaign.  An aggressive communicator, she strongly advocates that conservatives work proactively with the Media, and she is the only Republican Press Secretary to have ever won 52 unanimous newspaper endorsements for her candidates including liberal publications such as The San Francisco ChronicleThe Los Angeles Times, and the Spanish-language La Opinion.

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